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Dan Gee:

Dan Gee likes to write poetry, fiction and pretty much anything that allows the imagination to flow. He is in his 2nd year of Studying English with Creative Writing at Swansea University and hopes to complete a novel in the coming months about the trials and tribulations of a Gorilla and his Pirate friend.

Little Red Riding Wolf Goes for a Kebab
Ahmed's Holiday
Chandler's Itch
Dear You
There Was Once A Large Fluffy Armadillo Called Phil
The Night of the Nearly-Dead
Be Careful What You Wish For

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Arthur C. Carey:

Arthur C. Carey is an American writer whose work has appeared in print and Internet publications.

Discover what's new in your Daily Blurb!

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Ellie Sinclair:

Ellie Sinclair is a copyeditor for an educational publisher, where she spends her days staring in confusion at highly esoteric essays. Ellie lives in Manhattan with her dog and the occasional visiting cockroach.

The Dreaded Annual Review

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William 'Cully' Bryant:

William “Cully” Bryant is a physician, author and Associate Editor for OAK BEND REVIEW. His writing can be found online or in print journals including, but not limited to: CLAPBOARD HOUSE, UNDERGROUND VOICES, ILLUMEN, BEESWAX, AMPERSAND, BOSTON LITERARY, FOUNDLING REVIEW and THE DISTILLERY. His writing spans many genres and his first novel, MESSAGES, will be available in 2011.
Contact Cully at

Good Old Luther
Clues to Discovering the Insane
Bad Idea

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Shane Stay:

Shane Stay is an American comedian/writer. In 2008 Stay played restaurateur, bottled Leaf dressing, got a Masters in Communications, played his first and last professional soccer game and was seen performing at Zanies, Def Jam Comedy Festival, among other clubs. All proceeds from the sale of his salad dressing - available in selected venues - will go to his Easter Island vacation fund. Stay the course blogging at:

Memoir: A Thai Newsroom
How To Be a First Time Lawyer
The Demands of Science

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Monique Hayes:

Monique Hayes has been published in Prick of the Spindle, True Rhymes: A Street Anthology, and Mused. She recently won first place in a fiction contest sponsored by the Missouri Writers' Guild.

In Dogs We Trust

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Scott Wilson:

I have been writing since discovering the joys of literature at high school many years ago. In 2008, I joined the Australian Horror Writers Association as a full financial member. Currently, I am an active member of the University of Texas Flash Fiction Writer, Critical Writing and Zoetrope Writer Groups. My writing blog is listed on the Australian Horror & Dark Fiction webring, of which I am a member.
My fiction stories have been published in Pure Fiction, Dark Fire, Micro Horror, A Long Short Story, Sonar4, The Shine Journal, The Cynic Online Magazine, Flashshot, Spec The Halls, The Tiny Globule, Zoetrope, 52 Stitches, 6 Sentences, New Voices in Fiction Magazine, Yellow Mama, Antipodean SF, and Static Movement magazines. My short story “A Nice Bunch” has been accepted for publishing in the 52 Stitches printed anthology in 2009. Two of my non-fiction articles have been published in the Wynnum Herald Newspaper and a number of my letters to the editor have been published in the Courier Mail Newspaper.
My interests include reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Westerns, and Australian Literature. I am working on a horror novel that I hope will rival any Stephen King novel.

Men at Arms ............ From Good Stock ............  
Pete's Priceless Potions   A Job at the Blood Bank    
Looks Like, um, Magic to Me        
Streets of Gold        
Bucket of Anvils        
Domestic Bliss        
Wasted Spell        
Hookers, Hobos and Hustlers        

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Matt Mok:

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Matt Mok moved to New Hampshire after college when someone made him an offer he couldn't refuse. One day, he decided to give writing a try and to his surprise, publications started accepted his stories. Matt resolves to one day dream up a brilliant idea which he will turn into a completed novel. He currently resides in Hampton, NH, where he's confounded by fresh air and starlit nights.

Cat Skinning and Other Hobbies

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James A. Stewart:

James A. Stewart uses his middle initial 'cos in Scotland his name is so common that Alex Salmond is talking about a cull on James Stewarts to save those with less common names. James writes for a number of websites and is a member of Cumbernauld's Frontier Writers.

Drink & Alpen
Who's To Blame?

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Clarise Samuels:

Clarise Samuels is a Montreal author who has published poetry, fiction, articles, and book reviews. Her first novel, Loving Brynhild, a retelling of Norse mythology, is presently seeking a publisher. Clarise has a Rutgers PhD in German literature, and her scholarly tome on the Holocaust poet Paul Celan can be found in major university libraries.

Sartre on the Subway
Rocking Aliens

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Aaron Rowley:

Aaron Rowley received his degree in Ancient Greek. He is now a starving artist in Mississippi and recommends that kids get their degrees in something useful, perhaps something to do with computers.

It's Not the End of the World

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Nathaniel Tower:

Nathaniel Tower writes fiction, teaches English, and manages the online lit magazine Bartleby Snopes. A sampling of his works can be found at His first novel, A Reason To Kill, is due out in July 2011. 

The Rise and Fall of the Sewer People
Cancer Research
The Nine Lives of a Cat
The Painted Mind

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Holly Bohart:

Holly Bohart, who lives in Maryland, USA, has been driven by the pressures (in the sense of boredom) of educational editing to write humor. Her husband firmly believes that she married him to acquire more writing material, and although this is not strictly true, he does come in handy for this purpose (as well as for many others). They live in an 1840s rowhouse that retains many of its original charming features, including dirt.

Canine Persuasion

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Michael S. Collins:

Known for rarely shutting up about any given subject, Michael S. Collins is the pet of two gerbils who live in the South of Glasgow. Or so it feels. Thanks to the benefits of the internet, he can now be read anywhere in the world - except maybe China - a potentiality he is still not used to. Michael has had many articles published over the years, most notably in the Whotopia magazine of Bob Furnell, and his work as book reviewer for the Fortean Times. Michael has written over sixty short stories to date, including many found on the Short Humour Site itself, and has recently finished a book, which he hopes to get published sometime in the next century or two.

The Lemur Crime ............ The Perfect Marriage* ............ Sudoku 3: Trouble Brews
Why I Survived The Evil House   Winston God   Sudoku 4: The Importance of Being Apathetic
Why I Survived The Evil House (Continued)   God Bless Drink   Joe Faustus
Twisted   You   A Feeling of Impending Doom
Curiosity Killed The Cat?   The Communist's First Christmas   Hell in the Hornet's Nest
Police Assistance   Dying in Retrospect   Heather World
The Teddy Bar   Scary Mary   The Very Religious Man
Mrs Norris   The Great Protected Zombie   A Short Lovecraftian Tale
In The Beginning*   Sudoku 1: Night Terrors   Alexander Carrington
How to Get Ahead in Life*   Sudoku 2: The Interview   If You Happen To Pass By
And Then There Were Dalek   Making A Scene   Party Political Corrections
Spice Up Swimming And Make It Snappy   The Cash Cloud   Deport All Politicians
Sands Denial   Elvis is Dead   The Anniversary
How to be Dead I   How to be Dead II   How to be Dead III
How to be Dead IV   The Endings   Face to Face I: Dr Williams is Out
Face to Face II: The Sociologist Who Got in the Way   Match of the Day I: First Contact   Match of the Day II: The Big Match
The Kid Had Nine Lives!   Eurovision Bomb Contest   Everyone in this Ward is Dying
The Shark   Munich   Scotland in Space
Evil Machiavellian Identical Army   Multiple Choice   Breaking News
Delays At Centrals   The Selfish Suicide   Being
At Dad's Funeral   Combustura Subitus   The Mummy Long Legs
What's The Time, Mr Wolf   Man's Best Friend   Down In A Hole
The Mourning   Vignette   Monsters Pet
A Hard Days Night        

*These pieces, read in order, have a coherent story

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Dan H. Woods:

Dan H. Woods is an American expat living in France with his wife, two children, three cats, and a Golden Retriever. He wrote a weekly humor column called "Tomfoolery & Codswallop" until his attention wandered. Most of his old columns can be found at tucked behind the stacks of old newspapers and broken kitchen appliances in their garage. You can contact Dan at

A Guy's Guide to Arranging Furniture

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Garrett Socol:

Garrett Socol’s fiction has been published in The Barcelona Review, 3:AM Magazine, Pank, Hobart, Pequin, Perigee, Paradigm, Ghoti, Ducts, Ascent Aspirations, Underground Voices, JMWW Journal, Foundling Review, kill author, Bartleby Snopes, nth Position and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. His plays have been produced at the Berkshire Theatre Festival and the Pasadena Playhouse. For 15 years, he created and produced television shows for the E! Network including Talk Soup and The Gossip Show. 

Adapt Or Die: Making Ends Meet In This Economic Cesspool
The Birth Of Roget's Thesaurus
Sex And The White House

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Amye Barrese Archer:

Amye Barrese Archer is a memoirist living in Northeast Pennsylvania. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She has written poetry, short stories, and many truths on bathroom walls. Her work has appeared in PANK Magazine, Twins Magazine, The Ampersand Review, Boston Literary Magazine, The Battered Suitcase, and Oak Bend Review.  Her chapbook, No One Ever Looks up was published by Pudding House Press in 2007. Amye has twin daughters, and shares her life with her brilliant husband, Tim.  You can read her blog, First Person, at


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James P. Wagner:

The previous publications of James P. Wagner include his short stories "The Prison", "The Slave" and "The Hunt" appearing in Riverrun, Struggle and Mobius magazine, and his short stories "All that Glitters" and "Matchmaker" forthcoming in Golden Visions and MBrane SF magazines.


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Rod Hamon:

Rod Hamon is a general fiction and science fiction writer. His short stories have appeared in: Bewildering Stories Magazine (USA) - "Clash of the Mutants" and "The Man Who came From Nowhere." Twisted Tongue Magazine (UK) - "Split Infinities." Beyond the Rainbow Literary Magazine (Australia) - "The Cinema." Static Movement Magazine (USA) - "The Disappearance of Polly Adams," and “Help Me Howard.” Golden Vision Magazine (USA) – “An Instant In Time.”

Rod studied Applied Physics and Astronomy and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science. He also studied research into extraterrestrial planets at Australia's Swinburne University.

Rod has a passion for Astronomy and has written and had published numerous non-fiction articles on science and was recently elected a member of the prestigious organization The Royal Astronomical Society whose members included Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

A book dealing with the early settlement in Australia by Europeans won Rod considerable praise from the media.

Rod lives in Adelaide South Australia with his wife and son.

Dear Doctor

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Michael Levy:

Michael Levy is the author of nine inspirational books and an international radio show host. Michael's poetry and essays now grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health maintenance, stress eradication, wealth development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. His new book-Paradise Graces A Simple Mind - is available at all good book stores and Michael's web site:

God's Sorry, He Has Made a Few Mistakes and Will Make Amends Soon
Going Strong
Just an Old Fashioned Guy
Stretching a Point
The Glass Elevator
Invitation to Mingle
Two Grey Beards
Give Them Another Award
Up or Down, Left of Right
Funny Voices Never Die

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Kevin Brown:

Kevin Brown recently won the Permafrost Literary Journal's Midnight Sun Fiction Contest, the Touchstone Fiction Competition, and placed third in the Cadenza Fiction Contest. He was nominated for a 2007 Journey Award, and has published in Alligator Juniper, sub-TERRAIN, Rosebud, New Delta Review, Underground Voices, Conclave, Crannog, Mississippi Crow, Vulcan, and NANO Fiction.

If Bozo the Clown Were President

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Dietrich Kalteis:

Dietrich Kalteis is a writer living in West Vancouver, Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous print publications.

The Webster Letters

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Marvin Pinkis:

I live near Seattle, but keep that to yourself as my family doesn't know. By use of nefarious threats to the editors, I've been meagrely published in obscure journals in California and Florida, but aspire to expand geographically.

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Rebecca Roland:

Rebecca lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she works as a physical therapist when she's not writing. She attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2007. Her blog is She is trying desperately not to let other social networking sites suck her into their time-consuming voids but fears she will give in one day soon. She advocates eating chocolate daily.

What He Loves About Her

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Ajay Vishwanathan:

Having published in over forty literary journals, including elimae, Haggard and Halloo, and Boston Literary Magazine, Ajay Vishwanathan finds release in writing. He works with bugs that he cannot see, on experiments that might find a cure one day. He lives in Georgia with his lovely wife and lovable twins. So, he is a grateful man doing things he loves doing, surrounded by people he adores.

Nature's Flow

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Nancy Gauquier:

I live in central coastal California, and used to do stand-up comedy in San Francisco.

Get Used To It

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Stephen Joseph:

Stephen Joseph is a computer hardware engineer who lives in Bangalore, India, with his wife and two daughters. He began writing in May 2008. He was placed 40th out of 17,056 entries in ten categories in the Writers' Digest 77th Annual Writing Competition in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category. He was placed as a Finalist twice, as a Semi-Finalist and as Honorable Mention in humor writing on He was placed 5th in the Second Annual Amazing Story Fiction Contest and 2nd in the Nonfiction Contest, both held on The Write His poems and essays have been featured in New Plains Review, Halfway Down the Stairs, Inscribed, Perspectives Magazine and A Golden Place. Most recently, he was placed 17th out of an expected 4,000+ entries in the 4th Annual Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. Stephen was also placed as Honorable Mention in The Smoking Poet's Second Annual Short Story Competition and one of his poems has been published in the Fall 2009 Edition of

Request for bailout / stimulus package

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Rebecca Blakeslee:

Rebecca Blakeslee is an aspiring journalist, dabbling in other writing on the side.

Wolfz Strike Again

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Brian Barnett:

Brian Barnett lives in Frankfort, Kentucky with his wife, Stephanie, and son, Michael. He enjoys to write during his free time.

Don't Lose Your Head

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Bonner Litchfield:

When I’m not writing, I’m running with my dog, studying Martial Arts, or earning a living as a software engineer.

More Blessed To Give

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Jack Swenson:

Jack Swenson's scribbling has appeared or is pending in Weave, Full of Crow, Grey Sparrow, Fiction at Work, and Pindeldyboz. He likes to write about the Human Comedy. He writes short stories that are very short, i.e., flash and micro fiction.

A Little Domestic Dispute

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Liz Haigh:

Liz Haigh lives in Cheshire. She works at a university library, which is her dream job because she loves books. She has had some of her work appear in, The Legendary, Story Garden 8, Foundling Review, Blink, Bewildering Stories and Delivered.  

Close Encounter

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Kyle Moore:

Kyle Moore was born in Gaithersburg Maryland. After graduating from high school he worked in various blue collar jobs until his love for reading and writing pushed him to get back in school. He moved to San Diego California, where he is now majoring in English.


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Haim Kadman:

Since 1986 Haim Kadman has written fifty seven short stories and four novels, in English and Hebrew. Four of his short stories, primarily related to plastic arts, were published in the magazine “The World of Art”; a bilingual magazine in Hebrew and English. A fifth short story dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was published in “Shdemot”, a magazine that served as an organ of the United Kibbutzim Movement.
In 2002 he published electronically a manuscript titled “The Remote Control Job” with an Australian e-book publisher.

Living the Dream
The Unveiling!?
A Gourmet Affair

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Jeremy Castiel:

Jeremy Castiel is an unpublished author. He roller blades a lot in his free time, and even though his real name is Jeremy, his friends and family refer to him as "Kevin".

Picture Perfect

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Walt Giersbach:

Walt bounces between writing genres, from mystery to humor, speculative fiction to romance. His work has appeared in print and online in over a score of publications. 
Two volumes of short stories, Cruising the Green of Second Avenue, are available at Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. 
He’s also bounced from Fortune 500 firms to university posts, and from homes in eight states and to a couple of Asian countries.

Tidings of Great Woe ............ An Inconvenient Memo at Christmas ............ Astroturfing Your Way to Publishing Success
Not in My Backyard   Good Bank, Bad Bank   Symbol Envy
Lost: Passion on Hudson Street   Blowing in the Wind   Working Woman's Wife
Innovations in Medicine   Hummus Wars Heat Up   Testing Time for Politicians
Death by Apathy   Away in a Manger, Darkly   You Tink I Tawk Funny?
Satanic Ritual Gone Bad   World's Oldest Shrew - er, Shoe   Bin Laden's Journal
Bite the Bride   Moving Violations   Office Spouse
Broken Window Blinds   Ups and Downs   Braless in Australia
Blind Date   Dictator Dress for Success   Is My Son (choke) Gay? 10 Questions for Mom to Answer
Quaint Christmas Customs   My Son, the Ingrate   Blondes Get No Respect
That's No Mouse, That's my Wife   Emotional Support For Tough Times   Pie Man
Tell Me the Truth, Mr. Doctor   Coffee Jitters   Fast Food Crisis
Sticking Up for Old Folks   And What Did You Have for Lunch?   Intellectual Quandary
The Day of the Hippo        

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Art Bupkis:

Dr. Bupkis is the literary ward of L. R. Baxter, a professor at the University of Florida. However, under express terms of said guardianship, Prof. Baxter now disavows any responsibility for Art, as the latter has apparently eloped to New York City. The following was published recently in The New York Times Review of Books.

A Brief Biography of Bupkis:

Writer, Art Bupkis (Author William Capra Bupkis, 1951-  ), claims to be the love child of the late Cardinal Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris (born a Jew, and a Holocaust survivor), and the late Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. Lustiger and Bouvier met during her college junior year abroad at The Sorbonne (1949-50). The child was adopted the very day of his birth by a Swiss Jewish couple, who then immigrated to Hot Springs, Arkansas to run a bathhouse.

With money Black Jack Bouvier provided the Bupkis family, Art lived well. After a local elementary education (during which he often mooned with schoolmate Billy Blythe), he attended Choate and Harvard, then traveled the world, eventually ending up in Hollywood, CA. There, he is reported to have studied with love poet Rod McKuen.

In 1980 Art decided to broaden his qualifications by attending the Yale School for the Divine, and eventually became a Founding Fellow of the A.C.B.S.A. (American College of Bullshit Artists). Two years later, back in California as Adjunct Lecturer of Stand-Up Philosophy at LA-LA University (where he was voted “Letcher of the Year”, twice), Dr. Bupkis secured the leadership of a small but well-healed cult in the Pacific Palisades. It incorporated as The Church of Scientific Scatology in 1990.

Fitting his genetic heritage, until recently The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bupkis was August Prelate of The Church, with his seat firmly on the throne of the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Senorita, over-looking Malibu's famous Surf-Rider Beach. Now, however, back on the orthodox track after having received the revelations of Ignatz Weisenheimer, Art dispenses truth from atop a soapbox in Washington Square Park, N.Y.C.

A Frat of Flaming Feghoots
Jefferson Davis Uses Wry Humor to Rally Virginia
A Feghoot to Purge the Spirit
How Rabbit Became Trickster
Feghooters Don'ts

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Peggy Cox:

Peggy more or less does up photo essays, which started back in the mid 1980's when covering youth sports teams that her sons participated in. That included game action photos and game action write-ups which appeared in several local newspapers in northern New Jersey in the USA. Peggy freelanced and was on-call for same for special assignments. Now, in southern New Jersey, as a retired senior citizen, Peggy continues to do similar with submitting photo essays on various subjects and occasional senior citizens events that appear in a local senior citizens newspaper. This has now expanded with her short story appearing here about Willie, a groundhog entitled He's Back. Peggy is also a member of a writers group that is headed by (our own) Walt Giersbach that meets in their local library twice a month.  

He's Back!

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Wesley Freeman:

Wesley Freeman has been writing in one form or another since his youth. He has published technical and journalistic works, but his true passion is fiction. Living in New York he is seeking to emerge as a new writer in this arena. His goal is to write stories that alter our perspectives and generate both laughter and tears. A selection of his other works can be found at

A Whiff of Reality

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Joseph DeRepentigny:

Originally from Massachusetts Mr. DeRepentigny now lives in the Atlanta area. A former DeVry student and computer professional he presently works as a Government Employee with over 15 years of service. A member of the Georgia Writer's Association, to date he has published 42 short stories in a variety of venues both online and in print. (Presently Unagented)

Moon Landing

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Eric Miller:

Eric Miller is a retired dentist who has laid down his drill for a quill. His stories and poems number more than several mouths full of teeth and appear in many publications.

"Nuclear" and "Energy" ............ Mirth ............ Brian-Brian ............ Body Politic ............ The King's English
Craps   Stump   The Horse Zoo   Bugsy   Seriously!
No Pun Intended   With Spit and a Prayer   Little One   "Exactly!"   Fudge
Back at You   Trifecta   What Did You Say?   Bogey Boggs   Oh Baby!
Macaroni and Cheese   Par for the Course   Maestro   "Responsabillyabee"   Sis Boom Bah
Express Line   Bubbles   Workshop Wranglings   Locked In   Verdict
A Taxing Situation   A Glass of Gramercy   Marathon   Scoping It Out   Bottom Line
All Cards are Wild   For Art's Sake   Bearing Witness   Woof, Woof, Woof   Blur
A Foreign Tongue   It's a Deal   Hahakabia   Asterisk   The Eyes Have It
Squish Squash   The Recycled Neighbor   Plenn D'Mairde   Sommelier   Homeowners' Association
The Tabal Twins   Sad Songs and Funny Tales   Bragging Rights   The Fact of the Matter   Nonexistent Cousin
Walter Ditty   Oh Deer!            

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Bryan Duff:

Things Are About To Get Real

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D C White:

As a humour author, D C White has had several short stories published in Australia and would like to share his work with a larger audience. He lives in Adelaide, Australia where he attempts to be funny on a regular basis. He has written two novels, both humorous, both resolutely unpublished. He would prefer it if this were to change.

On the Robbing of Banks
The Dragon's Eulogy
Up The Workers, Jeeves

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M. J. Nicholls:

M.J. Nicholls is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has a strong aversion to pickles, employment, and pithy fifty-word biographies. His work has been published in Defenestration, Piker Press, Gold Dust Magazine, in a short story collection for Cantaraville, and his first novel, A Postmodern Belch, will be published in the New Year by Goldfish Press.

The 360 Camel
Acquiring the Fork
The Great Emotional Payoff
Cynthia Dall's Ankle Socks Taste Like Rasberries
Isobel & the Bonobo
Three Recipes

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Henry F. Mazel:

Henry F. Mazel has written for The New York Times, published a novel, Murderously Incorrect, as well as having written numerous stories and articles. His play, Life and Other Games of Chance was produced on Theatre Row in New York City. He is a member of the Writers Guild of America and The Mystery Writers of America.

The Best Of The Society Pages

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Heidi Heimler:

Heidi Heimler lives and laughs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a clinical psychologist by profession, hence the pathology inherent in her writing. Her flash fiction and short stories have been published in Verdad Magazine, Mississippi Crow, Postcard Shorts and Liquid Imagination, among others.

The Visitor
Dog Day Afternoon

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Charlie Britten:

Charlie Britten lives in southern England with her husband and cat. She enjoys taking holidays in Eastern Europe and is presently writing a novel on a Cold War theme, which has the working title, “And the Wall Came Tumbling Down”.
Visit her blog at:

Continental Breakfast
Sussex Cyclists
Five Short Pieces
The Doctor's Receptionist
Cat and Mouse
The English Are A Funny Lot
An Englishwoman Under the Weather
Football Italia

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Barbara Jean Tannert:

Barbara Jean Tannert is a writer living in Galesburg, Illinois. Her work has been published in Rose and Thorn, Paradigm and other magazines.

Kafka and Me

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Samuel R. George:

What Happened To the Bandito Juan Garcia When He Crossed Paths With Old Doc in Matamoras
Three Pieces of Flash Humor

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