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Writers' Showcase

by Eric Miller

At midnight on New Year’s Eve
I resolved to address a pet peeve
That everyone seems to have with me
Seriously! You’ll see, you’ll see

I have this need to check the score
Not just once, but more and more
Of what is only a baseball game
I can’t help myself; it’s such a shame

I’m out of sorts if my team’s behind
And when I just happen to find
That they have actually lost
I cannot handle the emotional cost

I’m agitated, aggravated, mad, and sad
But that in itself is not what’s bad
It’s that I take it all too seriously
More than serious things, mysteriously

Why I’m that way I do not know
But it wears me down so very low
That I can barely do my work
Because I think I’m going berserk

I realize something must be done
Because I’m not having any fun
Seriously, I’m going to lick this thing
And to myself good fortune bring

But it’s easier said than done
My addiction weighs a ton
And no matter what I do
Just between me and you
Is wonder who is winning
Until my head is spinning
Like it is right now
It’s really bad; holy cow

Excuse me please, just once more
I’d better go check the score