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Submission Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully and in full before making a submission. Failure to adhere to a minor point could result in an otherwise good piece of writing not being included for publication.

What sort of material will be published in the 'Writers' Showcase'?

Any Short Humour. This means any piece of humorous writing, in any style and of any humorous genre, which is around 500 words in length. We consider 'Long Humour' to begin at 551 words. We do not publish 'Long Humour'.

We can only accept submissions written in English.

How should submissions be made?

Submissions must:

a - be by email only to
b - be in the body of the email - attachments will not be accepted.
c - contain the words 'Short Humour' in the subject line of the email -
This is critical, or your email will be deleted as SPAM.
d - contain the biographical details which you would like included with your work.

Will you publish all submissions?

We will be predisposed to publish, rather than not publish. Also, we do not presume to be arbiters of what is funny, as different people find different things amusing. However, the following considerations will influence our decision:

a - That submissions have been properly proof-read and are of a good standard of English.
b - That the content does not contain material which could be deemed as unnecessarily offensive, either in terms of its sexual content or its treatment of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability or other such issues. A Man of Few Words by Swan Morrison is published via for an intended audience with what defines as a 'Content Access Level' of 'Teen'. This is described as follows: 'Content is suitable for persons ages 13 and older. May contain mild or strong language, mild violence, and/or suggestive themes'. Submissions to The Short Humour Site should also conform to these limitations.
c - That there is sufficient content in the work to be consistent with the quality and ethos of The Short Humour Site.
Very short pieces of much less than 300 words are unlikely to be accepted for publication in isolation. Nevertheless, several such pieces together, which give a better impression of a writer's work, may well be published as a group.
d - That other filtering criteria are met, as may be from time to time determined by The Short Humour Site Team in the light of submissions received, to maintain the quality and ethos of The Short Humour Site.

The decision of The Short Humour Site Team in relation to publication will be final.

Will you consider simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions or pieces previously published elsewhere?

Yes. We have no problem with any of the above as long as the author retains copyright and there are no restrictions on publication still current from any previous publication of a piece. It is the resposibility of the author to ensure that it is OK to re-print any piece. Details of previous publication can be included with the piece, if wished.

How long will it take for my submission, if successful, to appear on The Short Humour Site?

We will usually respond to your email and update the site quite quickly. As we all have other commitments, however, please allow a month before assuming your email has gone astray.

What are the implications of submission in respect of copyright?

The copyright of any submission remains with the author. Full attribution to the author will made in regard to any publication of his or her work. There are no restrictions on subsequent publication of a piece by the author.

Submission of work to The Short Humour Site is considered as acceptance by the author of the following five conditions:

a - The submission is the original work of the person making the submission, and that person holds the copyright.
b - The copyright holder grants permission for the work to be published on The Short Humour Site.
c - The copyright holder grants permission for the work to be published in any subsequent printed or electronic collection of Short Humour deriving from The Short Humour Site.
d - No payments, in any form, will be made to the copyright holder in respect of the usages in b and c above.
e - There are no restrictions on publication still current from any previous publication of a piece, or for any other reason, and that the author/copyright holder is entirely responsible for ensuring this.

Is there a charge for publication on the Short Humour Site or for inclusion in any subsequent anthology?

No. You will not be asked for any financial contribution.

Would any royalties be payable to the author of a work from sales of any anthology?

No. The purpose of the Writers' Showcase on The Short Humour Site is to promote Short Humour by easily showcasing the work of writers of the genre at no cost to them. This showcasing is the benefit from contributing to The Short Humour Site, and there will be no additional financial benefits.

It is the intention of The Short Humour Site to make no profit from sales of anthologies. Differential pricing between Lulu and other online booksellers, however, means that a very small, accidental profit is sometimes made. This is all donated to charity.