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The Best Of The Society Pages
by Henry F. Mazel

The Cabots speak only to the Lodges and the Lodges only to the Lord, at least that's what mother told me. I've had more than a passing interest in the social calendar ever since. And this season, for me at least, has been the most significant and momentous in memory. Below are a few highlights:


Thirty Women from Westchester County were presented last night at the Eggs-Over-Easy Debutante Ball in Rye, New York. In a traditional ceremony, each woman received roses and a small island off the Greek coast.

Proceeds from the annual event will go to The Fund for The Reconstruction of The Eisenhower Administration.


In one of the most exciting finishes in memory, Moorehead Snead III, skipper of Impervious, crossed the finish line some thirty seconds ahead of the sloop Hegemony to win field yachting's prized Skeffington cup. In field yachting, a sleek, single-masted craft is pulled along a polo field by day laborers known as 'sloop caddies.' The first yacht to traverse the field and cross the goal is declared the winner.

Moorehead Snead III, an overrun specialist with the Lockheed Corporation, and the crew of Impervious clearly ran the tactically superior race and were never headed by the opposing yacht, Hegemony. Hegemony had its problems from the start as it strayed off course and interrupted the second chukker of a polo match being played on an adjacent field. Seven ponies died in the incident.


In a whirlwind display of swimming pool diplomacy, the exclusive Greenwich Country Club hosted sixteen members of the North Korean Olympic diving team. Less than forty-eight hours after their Ilyshin II-14 touched down at Kennedy International, the divers were in the water.

A few member of the club, unaware of the invitation, complained about 'Asians flailing about in the pool.'  Sin Sun Ho, North Korea's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, assured the group that his government will reciprocate later in the year. U.S. divers will be invited to use the facilities at the Glorious Fissile Enrichment Pool located outside of Yongbyun.


Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shriver Lodge of New York and Kennebunkport, Maine have made known the engagement of their former daughter, Muffy Elizabeth, to Henry F. Mazel, son of Abe and Ida Mazel of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The future bride, an officer with the private banking house of Brahmin Brothers, Saks and Forrester, graduated Smith College. She was presented at the 2003 Debutante Cotillion and Christmas Ball, and recently was asked to resign her seat on the board of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Mr. Mazel, the future bridegroom, is a merchant associated with the Pitkin Avenue Herring Works, as was his father before him.