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Writers' Showcase

Bragging Rights
by Eric Miller

Forgive me please if I offend
by what I say about the news you send
to me every Christmas in your letter
about how wonderful and so much better
all your kids are and have done
and how for you life is fun.

I am happy to hear of your blessings full
but your punches I wish you’d slightly pull:
that your daughter at the age of two
won the Nobel Prize and Pulitzer too,
and the report that there will be cancer no more
as the cure was discovered by your son of four.
Certainly it is good news, even if not quite true,
and, of course, I always want  to hear what’s new.

Kudos to your husband, the new Senator from your state,
and to you whose Christmas card is never, ever late.
As for us, we are fine.
Occasionally we go out to dine,
or take in a movie or visit a friend.
It’s a whirlwind that doesn’t end.
The kids’ homework and orthodontic braces
Keep us running all our paces,
but it is your news which gives us hope
that one day our daughter might become the Pope.