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The Fact of the Matter
by Eric Miller

If it looks, sounds, and tastes like fizz,
it really shouldn’t take a whiz
to realize that the fact of the matter is
that it is what it is, namely fizz.

Which brings me to the matter at hand
about this phrase heard throughout the land
that people are wont to bandy about
to create the feeling that they have clout.

And the phrase to which I refer
about which I feel too many err
that I put before you as a quiz
is “the fact of the matter is.”

Well, you may say so, it appears,
but what if you are in arrears
about what in fact is fact?
Additional knowledge perhaps you lack .

What you perceive is all well and good,
but that doesn’t mean that you should
assume that it is the be-all and end-all,
or in others’ opinion you may fall.
In fact, you might be as mad as a hatter
to believe what you hear is the fact of the matter.