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Writers' Showcase

Multiple Choice
by Michael S. Collins

Simple set of multiple choice questions here. Follow the instructions to find out the fate of the victim.

The girl faced the serial killer.
Did she
A.      Accept her fate? (Go to 1)
B.      Fight the serial killer? (Go to 2)
C.      Run away (Go to 3)

1.       Accept her fate.
          The girl DIED.

2.       Fight the serial killer.
Does she
A.      Use a nearby weapon? (go to 4)
B.      Attempt hand to hand combat? (go to 5)

3.       Run away.
Where does the girl run away to?
A.      The cellar? (go to 6)
B.      The stairs? (go to 7)
C.      Outside the house? (go to 8)

4.       Fighting the serial killer with a nearby weapon.
What sort of weapon?
A.      A gun the local policeman dropped when being savagely murdered in a previous scene? (go to 9)
B.      Nearby debri? (go to 10)

5.       Fighting the serial killer, using hand-to-hand combat.
          This never works. The girl DIED.

6.       Run away to the cellar.
          The cellar has no escape. The girl DIED.

7.      The stairs
Where does the girl run to after going up the stairs?
A.      A bedroom? (go to 11)
B.      The attic (go to 12)
C.      Out the window. (go to 13)

8.       Run away from the serial killer, by leaving the house.
          Girl walks into booby trap laid by serial killer. The girl DIED.

9.       Using the gun on the serial killer.
Does the serial killer
A.      No sell it? (go to 14)
B.      Drop dead? (go to 15)

10.     Using nearby debris on the serial killer.
          There is no nearby debris to use. The girl DIED.

11.     Hiding in the bedroom.
Does the girl hide
A.      In the closet (go to 16)
B.      Under the bed (go to 16)
C.      Under the floorboards (go to 17)

12.     Hiding in the attic.
          Have you watched any horror films? No escape, and the serial killer will jump out at any second. The girl DIED.

13.    Escaped out the window.
          I forgot to mention. This is the 10th floor. A noble escape from the serial killer perhaps, but the girl DIED all the same.

14.    No sell it
         The girl DIED.

15.    Drop dead
          He was faking it. The girl DIED.

16.    Under the bed
          The serial killer found her easily. The girl DIED.

17.    Under the floorboards
          This was a daft place to hide. The girl DIED.

This says something about the “free will vs. pedeterminism” argument, I’m sure. However, I’m not sure what.