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Writers' Showcase

The Shark
by Michael S. Collins

I found myself within the sea
And it was no surprise
I wondered where that I should be
And watched the calm sunrise

This was a case of sleep I see
And yet I cannot swim
I wondered what my move should be
And hummed a quiet hymn.

I watched the waves begin to fret
As I bobbled casually along
But my own beliefs were slowly set
And I continued on my song.

A passing shark saw my plight
And asked me how I was
Salt was telling, my eyes lost sight
Whatever was the cause.

The shark, he swam around and round
And gave an evil laugh,
His stomach made a groaning sound,
His tongue was rollin' in half.

“Oh no, poor shark! Not now, I say!
When I am trying to dream,
It's not the time to have your way,
To do what as you seam!”

He looked at me, I assume to say
That the shark, it was a he.
His eye light up upon the day
And thought on what he be.

“I am a shark, oh don't you know?”
He asked unto my face.
“I can only do as I can so,
And that creates the chase?”

“But shark”, said I, “Think not,
Of the eternal pleasance of being,
For faith in nature cannot be bought,
And that is the nature of seeing.”

Said the shark, “Speak less of this,
This philosophy strand,
I wish you would give this a miss
Chat of Kant I have now banned.”

Philosophy: not a strong point of the shark
As he swam around and round
He thought it quite an amusing lark
As his stomach made that awful sound.

“Shark, I have this horrid feeling
Somewhere in my darkest pits
That you are merely want to reeling,
And have me for dinner in your fits.”

The shark he was a most surprised
He swam away and back
“How dare that be what you surmised,
That is a slanderous attack!”

“I have no plans to eat you all,
Or even little bits.
I merely wish to have a ball
And swim about the sits.”

Said I, “Then shall I be spared,
For you shall not eat me?”
Said he, “Alas no, not to be cared,
The sea shall still forsake ye.”

“For you will drop below the waves
And toddle off to the depths.
And nothing more can make the save,
And more than that will weeps.”

The shark, I think, it mocks at me
And awaits my sinking demise
I wish that it should let me be
As I watch the sunset rise.

And then my mind came to my head
And gave me thoughts of comfort.
For I had but to dream this bed,
And there upon I port.

Awake, in cosy bed of desire,
Snuggle like a dog I bark
I think not of the sea-like pyre
I think not of the shark.