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The Kid Had Nine Lives!
by Michael S. Collins

This is the story of my greatest rival, who seemingly has the luck of the Irish and the reflexes of a tiger on speed. I fear that the eternal confrontation between the two of us will only be settled by the death of one of us, and I feel a bit unfairly challenged in that regard, as I have seen him die before my eyes twice, and yet he still remains to laugh at me.

It wasn't my fault he fell in front of  that train, and I say it wasn't my fault even though I pushed him as it felt pre-ordained. I couldn't have avoided it even if I’d wanted to, which I didn't.

The first time I met him, I felt that instant hate before he even spoke. It was like something had fallen over my eyes. I’d never felt like that before.

Yet he lived, when he fell in front of that train. It was as if he had nine lives, like a cat. And the look he gave me, it’s almost as if he knows I know. He probably does.

I’m not worried though.

After all, he only has eight lives left now..