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Writers' Showcase

Heather World
by Michael S. Collins

If a man clones his wife, is he guilty of bigamy? Should he then be arrested? Well, that’s what I wanted to know. I had called the police and everything, waiting to find out if they would arrest many when they saw the many Heathers.

I cloned Heather.

Had I foreseen the consequences, I’d have just had an affair. It would have been less messy.

Heather was my wife, it can be safely assumed. All of them. Every person in the world.

Every person in the world is my wife.

I knew when I made my Super Cloning Machine; I shouldn’t have added a “Change the Entire World to your Likeness” option. It seemed like a good idea. Something to toy with.

Unfortunately, when it came to cloning the wife, I pressed the wrong button.

Now all the world’s a wife, and only one of me to go around.

And her every word is law, because she’s the leader of the free world. Every leader of the free world. And all the dictators too.

That’s a hell of a lot of nagging.