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Writers' Showcase

Alexander Carrington
by Michael S. Collins

Time travel. The big what if. Grandfather paradoxes aside, what would you do with the ability to go anywhere in time. Think of the good it would do, to go back and halt some horrible event in the past. Are you nodding in agreement? Then read on, for I have such a time machine, and until recently I felt the same way.

My name is Alexander Carrington, and whilst I did not create the first time travel device in history, I was the first to travel in time. I remember when the professor showed me his invention. He was my boastful next door neighbour, but it seems he had the talent and desire to back up his boasts. He held out in his hand the labour of his work.

“It’s a digital watch” I said.

“Ah no”, said the professor, “it may look like a digital watch, but it is much more than that. This is the world first time travel device.”

I think the old man wanted to emulate Einstein, hair and all. A time travel device? I was intrigued.

“Time travel”, I said, “How does that work?”

He showed me. I thanked him, then shot him. Did I mention I was a killer? Well, I do not think of myself as a killer. But the man who was such a genius was hardly about to hand over his lives work – or his comb – and so now he need not worry about either. For all I know, he could have been dying of cancer, and I did him a favour. Yes, a favour. When he invited me into his flat, it was an open invitation to give and take. So I gave sleep and took his invention. Sound fair? I thought that it would if you saw things my way.