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Writers' Showcase

At Dad's Funeral
by Michael S. Collins

At my dad’s funeral
The priest muttered on
About the day of judgement
Till judgement spared us
In his tracks
And down fell the priest dead.
The shock was too much for my gran
Who breathed her last in hysterics
Laughing at the priest
A child we never knew
Was run over and killed
Outside the church
His dad shot my uncle, who had
Driven the car, and 3 others
Before shooting himself.
All this happened before
The hearse crashed on
The motorway, causing
A ten car pileup, and
Several deaths.
And well before my cousin
Fell into the crematorium burner
When larking about
At least we didn't need to worry
About burying him.
You know what they say
And it’s often quite true
You can't take your family anywhere.