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Writers' Showcase

Sad Songs and Funny Tales
by Eric Miller

Sad songs and funny tales
While drinking some imported ales
In my boat of masts and sails
Under seagull cries and wails
Is a respite which never fails
To rid me of my inner gales

And under still and starry skies
I dream in peace until I rise
And place my sails to the wind
To ensure that my cares I rescind

But on one very stormy night
In a dream I had a horrid fright
That my boat was about to capsize
From white capped waves on the rise

And a great white whale was approaching fast
Remembering my flavor from a meeting past
I grabbed my leg and it wasn’t there
I only had one, not a pair

Then I felt the whale on me
I was afraid to open my eyes to see
But fingers pried open each, one by one
Fingers which belonged to my young grandson

Up and out Ahab, my wife ordered loudly
Which I did bravely and proudly
To begin a new day with unfurled sails
Listening to sad songs and funny tales