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Close Encounter
by Liz Haigh

We met in Starbucks. He was standing in the queue in front of me. When the barista asked to take his order he looked completely lost, he turned and asked me what I was having.

“A tall skinny cappuccino”

He ordered the same and then insisted on paying for mine. We sat down together at a small table by the window. He didn’t speak at all at first and I started to wonder why I’d even sat with him. He glanced out of the window into the street, there were mostly just people shopping and probably a few office workers who, like me had finished early as it was Friday afternoon. He then stopped looking out of the window and stared down at his mug of coffee, he looked at it for the longest time till he eventually spoke.

“It looks neither tall nor skinny”

We both laughed. Then we talked and then we talked some more. I must confess he was slightly odd looking but there was something about him that was endearing. He seemed to be genuinely interested in me, he asked me lots and lots of questions and then listened intently to the answers. How many men out there actually do that?

As we got up to leave he asked if I knew of any good hotels as he needed to find somewhere to stay. I didn’t, when you have lived in a city all your life you never really get to know any of the hotels. In the end I said he could stay on my couch for a few days.

He actually stayed for two weeks. We had the best time, we went dancing, we went for long walks and had picnics in the park. One day I drove us all the way out to the beach. He loved the ocean, he was in awe of it. He sat and stared at it for a long time. When I suggested we went for a swim he responded with such glee, he jumped up and ran straight in, without removing any of his clothes.

It was only on our last night together that I actually invited him into my bed. What a night we had. I’m not going to tell you exactly what happened but suffice to say the experience was out of this world.

He’s gone home now. I don’t know when I will see him again. As a parting gift he gave me a beautiful glowing orb which I am holding now. He told me so long as I remembered him the light would never go out.