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The Trill Is Gone
by Marvin Pinkis

"Mom, dad," Robin chirped, "I'd like to take singing lessons. I think I have talent."

"That's nice," warbled Robin's mother. "What makes you think so?"

"Well, everyone looks around when I sing and I can carry a tune better and longer than most," Robin sang out. "Besides, a little bird told me so. Just kidding. Only yesterday there I was, out on a limb and I burst into a refrain. This stranger hops up to me and says, 'You from this part of the woods? You're some canary. I got a friend who has an eagle eye for raw talent. He holds auditions every so often for those who aspire to make it big in the lucrative entertainment field. In fact, he's having a flock of would-be's over at his cozy little nest the day after tomorrow. And say, you got great legs.'"

Pop piped in, "You gonna fall for a line like that. What a worm he is. You can find fine-feathered friends like that any day of the week."

Robin rejoined, "I have to learn for myself. If you don't consent I will fly the coop."

Robin did indeed soar away. She soon discovered that she was just one of many nestlings who lost their grubstakes to those vultures. Ashamed to return to the protective wing of her family, Robin can be seen in the cheepest joints, singing for chicken feed, reduced to song requests from some strange ducks indeed.