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God Bless Drink
by Michael S. Collins

Its been a day since I've had a drink
And thats been a day too long
This shakings left me on the brink
Left me crooning romantic song
And the urge for drinks grows more
I can not suffice it
Because despite my reputations of lore
I'm too broke to fix it
Let me think,
God bless drink

I walk into Jims to a cry from the bar
The favourite son is back
In my life they claimed this went too far
And I got the sack
But there is no one left cheering me at the bar
In the end
Because Jack and Smirnoff are my only car
Dead are my friends
Let me think,
God bless drink

Old drinking days did die
And ever barmaid in the country cried
Went into mourning
And yet they'd let him die
His friends were gone
In their graves, his funeral was an empty home
A long life
gone at the age of thirty one!
So let me think,
God bless drink.