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Writers' Showcase

Sudoku 2: The Interview
by Michael S. Collins

Mimsy sat, unresponsive. Her expression was one of someone who had just found their best friend dead and as such had helped the police. She, however, had not spoken. Whilst the police had made headway with the evidence her expression had given them, the reporter she was currently not talking to was less enamoured.

“What the viewers want to know”, said the reporter, “is did the murder of your best friend have anything to do with this cursed videotape.”

“No” said the girl with her eyes. Her expression continued to do the talking.

“OK. What about the rumours about the killer Sudoku puzzle?”

Mimsy bolted up in her chair, her hair falling straight, her mouth opening in horror.

“Who told you about Sudoku?” she said.

“It’s just a question” answered the reporter, but the girl panicked. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for answers, until they fell upon a discarded newspaper in a nearby bin. Suddenly, she started screaming, and screaming, and the hospital wardens rushed in to sedate her into a sobbing mess.

The interview was over.

The reporter turned to her cameraman as they left the room.

“So what do you think?” she said.

“Bit of a nutter, really.” he said.

“Well, I figured you'd say that.” Asha bit the end of her pen slowly. Kommie the cameraman (that wasn't his real name, it was a nickname based on his political affiliations) smiled behind his unnecessary sunglasses.

“Clearly there's some sort of evil curse going around” he said.

“Oh, I agree”, said Asha, “That makes perfect sense. Nothing else would make sense here.”

Asha was prone to pronouncements like this. Kommie had learnt to encourage them for his own amusement. They started (or continued, they weren't paying too much attention) walking down the hallway, past the screaming patients.

“So”, said Kommie, “What have we learnt from this visit to the Sudoku Survivors Ward.”

“Something’s up.”

“Fair enough, I'm off home. My wife and kids are just back from a long stay in Japan, and I'm looking forward to spending lots and lots of uninterrupted family time with them.”

“OK. Fine. You do that.” said Asha, still absent-mindedly biting on the pen. “I'm away to buy a newspaper.”

“Oh that's a good idea; I best buy one for the wife. She love's those number puzzles.”

...continued in 'Sudoku 3: Trouble Brews'