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Wolfz Strike Again
by Rebecca Blakeslee

Faeryland - 25 April 2009

A thermal blast and apparent act of cannibalism left another Pigg brother dead last night. Cekond Pigg, 25, of 2 Stick Lane, was found dead - and seemingly partially devoured - yesterday morning in the ruins of his wooden cabin. His death comes two days after the similar death of his younger brother, Phirst Pigg, on Thursday.

“There is a definite similarity in the deaths,” officer Grimm said.

According to the police, the extremist hate group Big n’ Bad n’ Wolfz have claimed responsibility for the act, but as of press no suspects have been named.

“It was horrible,” said Missy Muppet, Pigg’s neighbor, “I woke up last night to shouts of ‘Let me in, let me in,’ and a terrifying puffing sound.”

“The specific target and patterns of the crime makes it seem like a premeditated act,” officer Grimm said.

“It’s gotta be the Wolfz,” Humphry Dumpty, a family friend of the Piggs, “Cannibalism and thermal blasts? Those aren’t that common, you know?”

“I’m afraid I’m next,” Cekond Pigg’s older brother Thirde Pigg said, “but I’ll be ready. You want to eat my brothers, Wolfz? Fine - I’ll be waiting to make some Big n’ Bad stew.”

There has been a proliferation of hate crimes in the area, ever since a member of the Wolfz was killed in the Granny Forester incident of last month.

“We’re doing all we can to stop this,” officer Grimm said. “Unfortunately, the Wolfz are clever and, like they are fond of saying, big and bad.”

“It’s ridiculous,” a young woman who preferred to remain anonymous said. “If they are really doing all they can, than why did these monsters get away with eating my grandmother? The Wolfz aren’t as clever as they like everyone to think.”