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What's The Time, Mr Wolf
by Michael S. Collins

“Funny how they all look so hungry.”


“Is that all you can say,” he replied.

“You’re right.” She replied. “They do look hungry.”

Jack looked at each child’s drawing in turn. Each of them showed a wolf staring back.

“Very lifelike” he said. “You should be proud of your children. Why ever did you want to show me these?”

“They all drew the wolf!”

“I can see that.”

“All with the same distinctive scar above the right eye. It’s the same wolf.”

“Most likely. I still don’t understand.”

“Jack, I asked the kids to draw something from the last dream they remembered. And they’ve all drawn the same wolf.”

Jack flicked through the drawings again. Twenty wolves stared back at him, all with the scar above the right eye, all with the same hungry stare. The eyes were drawn in with red crayon, fiery and furious. The hint of sharp teeth coming from behind a closed mouth. He handed the drawings back to the teacher.

“I guess we could bring in the school psychiatrist.”

The young teacher frowned. “We don’t have a school psychiatrist, Jack.”

“What about the new guy?”

“Oh Mr Wolf” she said. “I forget about him. Yes, he’ll be in later.”