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Writers' Showcase

Going Strong
by Michael Levy

They thought he was
as mad as a hatter
but he explained;
"it's just the mercury
in my teeth speaking!
They wondered why he
wore such strong spectacles
He answered;
my eyes are not my vision!
They thought him deaf as a door post
And were amazed how he could
answered all their questions
He illustrated how you can
listen in silence to wisdom
and let your eyes
feed your ears
They asked if he
consumed any dairy products
He said: Cows eat grass!
They supposed he was not normal
Because he smiled all the time
He declared;
The people I encounter
ask such funny questions!
They enquired;
What is your secret
of living to 110 years of age
He replied;
The Gods are in a frenzy
trying to repair humanities
crazy foolishness....
And they simply forgot
to call me home!