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Scotland in Space
by Michael S. Collins

Lots of planets have a Scotland. We get around, like the space plague. Where once we were content creating television and insulin and computers, now we have harked back to our roots. As pioneers, boldly traversing the unknown country: the second unknown country, space, that is. Enough of our kin have traversed the first one. Pioneering space travel, like when our ancestors took over Canada, but with bigger distances. Much bigger distances. With the distances we travelled you could travel to Canada from Scotland in one tiptoe, in comparison. 

And, oh, the Scotlands we have created. New Scotland. That was the first planet we found. Scotland Returns. Scotland III. Independent Scotland. That's where we dropped off the Nationalists to breed. Ecosse. Partick Thistle Are The Greatest Football Team In The Known Universe Anyone Who Disagrees Can Rename This Uninhabitable Planet In The Middle Of An Asteroid Belt. Dalgliesh. Flower of Scotland. That was a floral planet. Glasgow Kiss. That was a jungle.

Many Scotlands.

Forever creating new Scotlands, on new planets, further out. The laws of survival dictate humanity can only survive by reaching out beyond the planet Earth. Which is what we are doing, making sure the name of Scotland lives on far beyond that planets natural end.

Of course, everyone was doing that. And yes, by the time we'd drunk all the left over booze on the planet, other nations had a head start of a couple of hundred thousand years.

So that is why we are roaming the galaxy, rebranding it the Scottish way. One outpost at a time.

Lots of planets now have a Scotland. We get around, like the space plague.