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Making A Scene
by Michael S. Collins

Break up. Well, we’ve all been there. Two girls in one bedroom. No, that sort of scene. Minds like gutters.

One girl is crying, loudly and wetly. The other girl is her friend. Not the dumped or the dumpee. Just a friend.

“He wasn’t worth it” said Amy. She hugged her friend. “It’s not the end of the world.” She added.

Georgia continued to sob.

“You can still talk to him!” said Amy. Most of her “it’ll-all-get-better” prep talk had been falling on deaf ears, but then, trying to comfort someone who has just had a relationship end can often be more difficult than having a relationship end. At least when your relationship ends, you know why to feel like rubbish!

Georgia perked up slightly. “Talk with him?”

“Well, do you think it was a mistake”, said Amy, “You breaking up with him?”

“Yes!” said Georgia, who continued to cry.

I mean you can still talk to him.

“Phone him up then!”

“Should I?”



“Yes! Before I do it!”


Georgia picked up the phone and dialled in a number. There was a pause.

“Hello....ah hello Tommy, look its Gia here and I just want you to know I'm sorry about last night. Yeah....yeah me too, I don't know what come over me, yeah.....yeah I figured you'd be so mad at me.....but honey, I still love you and I don't ever want to let you go and......yeah, I know what you told me but still.......what do you mean we can't work it out, please? No....I love you Tom, please don't let it end this”

Georgia threw the phone down and began to sob on the bed once more.

Amy took a second to speak.

“You didn’t phone him, did you?”

Georgia looked at her friend.

“No. Sorry.”

I was that Amy. (And so rumours of dressing me up in drag and calling me Michela just gain more credence.)

People are mad. Teenagers doubly so.