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Writers' Showcase

Moon Landing
by Joseph DeRepentigny

"I so did not land on your moon." Elbert said in a loud voice.

"Yes you did!" Officer Shin said back in an equally loud voice.

"Na ah," Elbert said taking a step forward. His long hair got in his way and he brushed it aside to give the officer a tough stare. Under most circumstances, he'd appear intimidating; unfortunately, he was wearing a multicolored space suit that made him look more like a clown.

"Yeah ha," Officer Shin said matching Elbert's step. She was about half of Elbert's size with orange skin in a green uniform that made her look like a lawn ornament.

"Prove it!"

Officer Shin nodded her small orange head. "Alright let's take a look at the landing site." She pulled up a display on a nearby wall showing an egg shaped spaceship landing on a grey surface. A hatch popped open and a person in a multicolored space suit jumped out onto the surface.

"That could be anybody!" Elbert said quickly.

"You're wearing the same suit now!"

"That's a coincidence," Elbert said quickly, "anyone could buy the same kind of suit as mine."

Officer Shin made a face and said, "You also wrote your name in the moon dust."

"Another coincidence," Elbert added.

Officer Shin sighed. She was getting tired of this tirade. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small black box. "The person in the video dropped this game console?"

Elbert felt in his pockets and found his console was missing. He eyed the box in Officer Shin's hand. It was his with his name and all his saved games on it. Months of playing were in that little box.

"Someone dropped it on the moon's surface." she said with a smile. “If it isn’t yours then I guess it belongs to the finders.”

"It’s mine!” Elbert shouted. “Give it back?"

"Only if you admit your guilt," she said with a grin.

"Okay, I landed on the dumb old moon." Elbert said looking down at the floor.

"Fine, you're assessed a fine of one hundred credits and are barred from the moon for a year." Officer Shin said handing the console to Elbert. "Because you are only ten years old, your parents will get the ticket and will have thirty days to pay the Park Service. Young man it takes millennia for the dust to fill in the foot prints and graffiti. We need to preserve the moon for future generations."

"Whatever." Elbert said turning his game console on.