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The Mummy Long Legs
by Michael S. Collins

Once upon a time there was some nature enthusiasts who, in stumbling across a weekend getaway, upset the local habitation and were dealt with accordingly. And what a sight they were, the stuff of nightmares rising slowly out of the mist to descend on the sleeping enthusiasts in their biodegradable tents.


“If you go down to the fields today
You’re in for a big surprise.”
Said the farmer to the campers three
“Beware the Mummy Long Legs.”

They laughed him off, set up their tents
By a running stream for water.
With their mobiles and camp lights on
To track the Mummy Long Legs.

“Not venomous at all” said their
Leader, who had read up on such things.
“Just a myth, we have nothing to fear
From the Mummy Long Legs.”

The Mummy Long Legs rose up
On all her eight legs, a hundred
Feet high, from above the trees
And ate them.

“Oh right, I forget they were
Omnivores” said the Leader
As he was chomped down
By the Mummy Long Legs.

The morale you know is very simple.
If a Mummy Long Legs is
Playing dead, run like the wind
Or carry some salt.

They’d appreciate that.