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Writers' Showcase

by Michael S. Collins

"Why do you keep crying? I have told you too many times this is for your own good. No child of mine will be brought up as a liar. Don't interrupt, you did lie! Yes, you did, and your denial only makes me angrier.

"Do you realize how hurt that makes me feel? What a fool you make me look in front of the other mothers and children? Don't you hear the whispering in the streets? You are a disgrace, and I would send you to your room without dinner had it been beneficial.

You should have told your dear mother, then there would have been no tears. Do I enjoy crying? Of course I do, since I seem to be doing little else these days. You complain all you like, this is about my feelings and not you. 

I am fine. You are the liar. And nobody likes a liar.

Do you remember when you were a baby? I use to carry you around the place, and people would stop and smile at the child. My pride and joy. Then you grew up. They always grow up. It's unfair, you should never stop being mine! Instead you lie and fall into temptation. Listen to your mother. Temptation called, and you fell in line, unlike the other children. I like the other children. They never grow up to hurt their mothers feelings.

You know, this punishment hurts me more than it hurts you. But you needed to see how much you hurt your poor mother. Darren, you lied to me. You said you had no girlfriends, and I was happy because as we both know girls only lead to temptation. And no son of mine will into trap. They will remain happy instead. 

Don't lie to me! And don't try and deny it, I saw you with Mrs. Millen's daughter! Just friends? A friend who is a girl is a girlfriend! Point proven. You lied to your mother. So I had to be harsh.

See what talking our feelings out does? I feel so much better now. Mother knows best. Have you learnt your lesson? Darren, I trust you and you break my trust, but I am willing to forgive. What do you say? Do speak, its as quiet as the grave in here. Darren, speak to me! How could you give your own mother the silent treatment? Right, that is it, if your going to be so immature then I wont sow your head back on until morning.