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One Good Turn
by Marvin Pinkis

Augustus Maximus Smith went for a stroll along a dusty Roman road, whistling a tune from a new musical at the Forum, with “All’s well with the world” written all over his puss.

Rounding a bend in his path, Augie was taken aback to sight a lion, sprawled on the ground groaning like you never heard a lion groan before. The beast didn’t appear threatening so our man gingerly approached.

“What’s wrong, big fella?” The lion stuck out his paw which revealed a protruding thorn of a large dimension.

“I see. You got an owie. We better do something about that.” Having said that, Aug deftly pulled out the irritant after which the lion roared in great relief.

The lion spoke. “You came to my rescue, you wonderful man, you. How can I ever repay you?”

The man replied, “Well, let’s see. You can buy a box of my daughter’s Girl Scout cookies.”

“Are they expensive? I don’t have much money on me.”

So they parted and both felt a bond had evolved.

It so happened later in a scene at the Colisseum, two ferocious lions awaited the entrance into the arena of several soon to be tasty morsels to the delight of a packed house.

As the humans entered, a lion turned to the other and said, “Hey, Leo, isn’t that dude on the left the guy who removed the thorn from your paw? Should he be spared?”

“Hell no. I missed breakfast and lunch. I’m starved.”