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The Cash Cloud
by Michael S. Collins

Democracy across Europe continued to hang in the balance last night as the dreaded Cash Cloud swept across mainland Europe.

The streets of every major city were full of working class people grasping the air for the bank notes that have been falling out of the sky since last weekend when the Icelandic bank erupted after many centuries of solitude.

Conservative public figures have been in mourning.

“This is the greatest tragedy to befall modern Europe” said Atlas DasCapital, leading EU spokesperson. “All week long, the poor of Europe have slowly been becoming debt free. The Icelandic cash cloud has ruined the public sector forever more.”

In England, a million new billionaires quit work in time to sit back and watch the World Cup. The footballers, having been too tired and emotional to bother picking up any of the spare cash, were now poor compared to the millions now owned by the former working classes. So with their multi-millionaire salaries, they were now...poverty struck in comparison. So goes inflation.

The British government has already set plans in motion for the army to come and grab the money back off all the peasants...lower class people.

“It has been decreed that this money must return to the hands of politicians and big businesses, in view of the national interest.”

But some think it is too little too late.

(Inspired by Torn. His poor soul)