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If You Happen To Pass By
by Michael S. Collins

And only if you do. I don’t want you going out of your way or anything; it would just be if you happened to going in this way already. Maybe you wanted to go to the Chippy, and decided on the one next to the graveyard, for example, rather than the one right next to your house. Perhaps the one next door to you does not do Chilli sauce on their chips. That’d be a nice treat for you, wouldn’t it? Chilli sauce and chips. You’d need to go to the Chip Shop by the graveyard to get some. But I’m not trying to force you. It’s your own decision. You are your own man.

But, if you happen to pass by, please let me out of this tomb. You buried me five years ago, and I am starting to get rather bored. I’ve read the complete Shakespeare you buried with me cover to cover. Any chance of something new? I’m sure someone must have written something classic by now.

Hope you are well

Best wishes,


PS – Worms have eaten entire Amis collection. Can they have some more? If you happen to pass by, that is.