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Writers' Showcase

The Tabal Twins
by Eric Miller

That they were twins, you couldn’t see
Because they were as different as they could be
Veija, the girl, had golden hair
Her brother Race had brown up there
She was short; he was tall
He was thin; she was not at all
His eyes were dark, hers were blue
She was lazy; he rowed crew

And as siblings are wont to do
At each other they would chew
Calling each other hurtful names
As if they were just playing games

Veija knew she was a  potato on a couch
And that her brother really was not a slouch
That he called her a vegetable was just too much
She needed a response with just the right touch

She heard him coming down the hall
She stood on a chair against a wall
So when into the room he came through the door
She pounced on him and squashed him to the floor

Caught completely by surprise, Race had no time to react
Fear began to rise within him, as a matter of fact
Veija twisted his ears until they were cauliflower
And then husked his hair with all her power
Bloodied his nose to a deep, beet red
And then spun him like a pumpkin on his head

When he came to a stop, she assessed what she had done
And stood over him having very much enjoyed the fun

She decreed loud and clear
What she’d always wanted to hear

“I, Veija Tabal, may be a vegetable to you
But you are now puréed vegetable stew”

Race rose slowly from the floor
He acknowledged that she had evened the score

They hugged real tight and cried a bit
But now the two are a  perfect fit
While in regattas, he rows with manly strength
She’s the coxswain who urges him to get the extra length