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Judi Veoukas:

Judi is a humor columnist for the Lake County, Illinois, Journals, and finds grist for her writing in everything from trying to get a compliment from her husband (impossible) to being attacked by a goose (possible). She tutors at a local college, where she loves helping students with anything writing-related -- unless it involves deciphering on-line citations. She recently won first place (and money!) in America's Funniest Humor Writing Contest and has placed in the contest's finals and semifinals seven times. Her work has appeared in "Nights & Weekends" and "Cynic On-Line Magazine."

Judi has a BA in English from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, and worked in the communications field for many years. She and her husband, Stan, have six children and 18 grandchildren, all who provide great column fodder.

Feathers in my cap

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Glanda Widger:

Glanda Widger is a granny from the foothills of North Carolina, USA. Glanda writes for fun and poverty. Writing about the funny side of life is an addiction. As a member of Writers with Humor (WWH) everyone knows already that writing is her way of staving off running barefoot through cow pastures.
In 2008 Glanda received honorable mention in two "Humor Press" contests. In addition, her winning story "Hard Headed Men" is to be included in an anthology which is being put together by the publishers at the "Humor and Life, in Particular" Web Site. It will be available in the summer of 2009.

My Max
A Slight Dispute

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Glenn Parkhurst:

Glenn Parkhurst is a 55 year-old single guy with wunderlust in his blood. He currently resides in California but his family is in Florida and his heart in Utah. Glenn has been published in Outdoor Life and posts some of his humor shorts on his blog at:

Cremation Diet

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Amanda Lawrence Auverigne:

Amanda Lawrence Auverigne is a college student who writes works of fiction in her spare time.
She lives in the United States and she resides in the faded splendor of a crumbling century old mansion.
"Over Easy" is one of her tales.
Please visit Amanda's website at:

Over Easy

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Rita L. Smith:

Rita L. Smith lives in Ohio with her husband and numerous pets. When not writing, Rita can usually be found reading. Recently she released Flashes From My Mind and has just completed a novel, tentatively called Twilight Dance. Visit her at or follow Vampires, Shapeshifters and Witches… on Facebook and on Twitter@VampiresFriends.
You may contact her at

At First Glance

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Paul D. Molyneux:

Paul Molyneux lives in Baltimore, Ohio, USA . He has been writing short fiction and humour for 18 years and has numerous publications to his credit, both online and in print and is a member of the online writer’s community Writers With Humor (WWH).
He is the editor and publisher of Laughter Loaf - The web's oldest clean humor site which has published more than 450 writers and 1500 pieces since 1966. Laughter Loaf is located at
Paul is also working on his first novel – historic fiction based on the life of his great-grandfather immediately after the Civil War. He has also launched an art photography business with his brother, Phil.

Max Tolerance

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Audrey D. Mark:

Audrey D. Mark is a free spirit and freelance writer without much free time!
As a busy mother of three, one of her proudest achievements is NEVER missing her turn as snack mom for any of her kid's soccer games. Well, it sort of happened once - but it really wasn't her fault! She SWEARS that someone else had switched that day with her, although she has nothing in writing to prove it!!!
Some of her other credits include her humorous column, "Mark My Words", appeared in the Raleigh News and Observer, as well as work featured as a contributing writier for “Chicken Soup For The Beach Lover's Soul”, Triangle Style Magazine, Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, The NC Journal For Women and
She was also selected as a prize winner in several "Carolina Woman Magazine" writing and HumorPress contests.
Ms. Mark is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.


Losing My Cool...

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Alan Delaney:

Alan is an amateur writer with a modest but growing portfolio.  He currently dabbles in a range of genres and literary styles and is always happy to receive comments and feedback on his work.
Further stories of his can be found at

Where Have All The Kittens Gone?

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Sarah Hilary:

Sarah won the Fish Historical-Crime Contest with Fall River, August 1892, and has two stories in the Fish anthology 2008. She was a highly commended runner-up in the Biscuit Short Story Contest 2008. MO: Crimes of Practice, the Crime Writers’ Association anthology, features Sarah's story, One Last Pick-Up.
Her work appears in Smokelong Quarterly, Literary Fever, Every Day Fiction, Dogzplot and Zygote in my Coffee. Sarah blogs at

Can I buy you ladies a drink?

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Robert Tiffin:

I am a journalist at a community newspaper who enjoys camping, running, hockey and lying about liking camping. I have been published (only un-funny stuff) in my publisher's paper, my Alma Mater's campus newspaper and on my parents' refrigerator when we don't have tasteful guests visiting. My greatest dream is to be the next Dave Barry, except not as good so as to keep people's expectations low enough to consistently impress them with minimal effort.

Rest Stop Karma

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Pamela Tyree Griffin:

Pamela Tyree Griffin has been writing since she was five years old. She has been published in Long Story Short, Bewildering Stories, Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Chick Lit Review, The Shine Journal and many others. Her greatest accomplishment? Her children. Pamela considers herself a perpetual work in progress given the life expectancy of human beings...

Mamma Always Said What She Meant

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Casey Quinn:

Casey Quinn writes prose and poetry. His first poetry chapbook “Snapshots of Life” was released by Salvatore Publishing. His second chapbook “Prepare to Crash” will be released in 2009 by Big Table Publishing. In his free time he edits the online magazine Short Story Library -

Wishing Well

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Lisa Barker:

Lisa Barker writes "Jelly Mom," a syndicated weekly humor column. She is also the author of "Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane...Doesn't Mean You Are A Bad Parent!" (2006) and "Before I Had Kids I Was a Size 9" (2008).
Read all about it at

Navigating Commercial Landmines
Where Cheeseburgers Come From
To Love, Honor and Suffer

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Simon Hodgson:

Simon Hodgson was born in Scotland and lives in San Francisco, where he blogs for The Daddy Dialectic. He has been a burger-flipper, tomato-picker, technology reporter, movie listings editor and freelance writer. His latest career is fatherhood.

Map Reading For Couples

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Stephen J. Davis:

Stephen J. Davis teaches Kindergarten near San Francisco, California. He lives with his wife, daughter and two cats.

Five Short Humor Pieces

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Donna Amato:

Donna Amato lives in Louisiana with her four children and family cat. When not writing, she works as a nurse. Her short stories and micro fiction tales have appeared in several online magazines and print anthologies. She is currently working on her first novel.
You can visit her web site at:

M & M

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Carol A. Cole:

Carol has had over forty stories published in online and print magazines including: Futures, Good Old Days, and The Storyteller and Apollo’s Lyre, Crime and Suspense, Coffee Cramp, and Flashshot. She has stories in two anthologies – “By the Chimney With Care” and “Aleatory’s Junction”.
You can reach her at: 
"By the Chimney With Care":
"Aleatory's Junction":

The Audit
Dog Walk Interrupted
Forever Love

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Andrea Dennin:

Andrea Dennin is a fiction and freelance writer living in Las Vegas. She's been published in Alien Skin, Apollo's Lyre, and Flash Shot, and has placed as a runner-up in WOW's 2008 winter contest. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing.

Nick's Luck

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Valerie Kravette:

Valerie Kravette lives in the Arizona desert with her writer husband, several box turtles, two opinionated parrots and no dogs. She was a cabaret singer, until she thought better of it.

Bluto's Secret Weapon

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Thomas Sullivan:

Thomas Sullivan’s writing has appeared in The Montreal Review and 3AM Magazine, among others. He is the author of Life In The Slow Lane, a memoir about teaching driver education for a cut-rate company in Oregon. For information on this title (published by Uncial Press), please visit his author website at

Greetings From The Airport
The Eagles Do A Truck Ad
Help Wanted

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Martin Lindauer:

Martin Lindauer has published  short fiction, essays, and memoirs in Glasschord Magazine, Ha!, The Jewish Magazine, Long Story Short, New Vilna Review, Oracle, Poetica,  Slab, Sleet, and Tikkun Magzine.

Doing Good
Patient Needs

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Dale J. Simpson:

Dale was born in 1996 and lives in Durham.

A Weird Family

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Christopher Silva:

Christopher Silva is currently working on his novella 'A Galaxy Apart,' a wonderful-fast paced science fiction experience, taking the reader into a exciting far away galaxy and swash buckling adventure. His recent horror 'Dark Day's in Sharma El Sheik' is a frightening tale, with more twists and turns than a shrubbery labyrinth.
Other work by Chris can be seen at:

About To Crash
The Horrors of War
Modern Day Superhero
Houston, We Have A Problem

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Nick Allen:

Nick is a Mental Health Nurse from Manchester, England. He has short fiction published by a variety of ezines including Bewildering Stories, Ink Sweat and Tears, Flask and Pen and The Linnet’s Wing. When not writing, Nick enjoys Scrabble, Poker and Hiking. See more of his work at
Nick is a member of
Dorset Scribblers.

Appointment with Fear!
Satan's Apprentice
Raising the Dead
Test Day
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

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Rumjhum Biswas:

The fiction and poetry of Rumjhum Biswas has been published in online and print magazines and anthologies in India and abroad. At present she lives in Chennai, India.
Her publication details etc. can be viewed at and
Rumjhum is the creator of the poetic form: 'The Trimerick'.

Encounter By The Sea
Puck and the Game of Amour (A 'Trimerick')

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Andrew Lawrence:

Andrew Lawrence is the author of "MONEY - The Basics", the most valuable book you'll ever read. Read an excerpt at

Change We Can Believe In

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Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance contains poetry and short stories exploring personal growth, nature and spirituality to help us live more meaningful lives. Review this award-nominated collection at Usiku (oo-SEE-koo) also invites you to the discussion at

Shopping Conspiracy and Depression

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Grace Gannon Rudolph:

Grace Gannon Rudolph, an author in search of an agent, is a social worker in long term care. Her work appears in magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. She is the author of A Stroke of Good Luck and Ice Floes and Polar Bears: An Inside Look at Nursing Homes.
Her short story, The Little Bear Bar, was published in People of Few Words, an anthology of work from The Short Humour Site.
Her site can be visited at:

The Little Bear Bar
The Story Behind The Story
Marylou Good Witch

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Diane Height:

Diane's writing is inspired by her love of travel, adventure and the world at large. She recently spent time in Africa working with cheetahs to help educate people about this beautiful animal. In an earlier life she passed her wisdom along to 5th graders as an elementary school teacher. When she's not writing, she enjoys her new grandson, Bodhi. She has stories forthcoming in All Things Girl, Clockwise Cat, Della Donna, Dog Versus Sandwich, Mirror Dance, and Sand.

The Caterpillar, the Fly and the Mouse

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Cat Fleming:

Cat Fleming is uncomfortable with the Western appetite for "more" and would like to do something about it.

Cat has a BA in Communication & Cultural Studies, majoring in Creative Writing and is just about to finish her Graduate Diploma in Education, English. She has been published in Sitelines, Right Hand Pointing and Mundaring Sharing Magazine and aims to be published in at least 500 more forums by the time she is dead, which hopefully, is a long way off, touch wood...  

Audacity and Power

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David Stillwagon:

David Stillwagon has, or will have, short stories in Short Humour, Johnny America, Mississippi Crow, Muscadine Lines and Oak Bend Review. He also has poetry in ClockWise Cat.
He lives in Atlanta with his wife and son. 

Uncle Frankie
Church Club
It Was Martians, I Think?

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James Thomas:

I work as a postman by day and a dabbler in many things by night. Influenced by Larson (but I can't draw) and my dream is to run a marathon!

Putting It Off

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Amanda Reynolds:

Amanda Reynolds is from Manningtree, Essex, UK.

Old Mickey Fillet

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Mel Bosworth:

My name is Mel and I live in Massachusetts. I enjoy the outdoors, the indoors, chocolate milk, and cats.
I can be reached at
Visit my website at

Two Members and Ten Sightless Eyes
900 Sq.Ft. Divided by 2
Bo's Lament

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Daryl Baldwin:

Daryl Baldwin lives in Gloucester, England. He likes screenplay writing and micro fiction. He is just starting his first novel and likes beer (too much).

The Pumpkin Man
Maiden Flight

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Justin Benedict:

Justin  Benedict lives in Washington DC. A collector of British Billy Bunter Books as well as kinky pornography, he hopes to contribute more to the Short Humour Site.


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A'keith Walters:

Born in Houston Texas in 1956 A'keith received his B.A. in English Literature in 1978 and is an avid collector of black and white photography. He was recently shaken by the loss of his life partner of twenty-one years, and this among other things, drove him to pick up the creative pen again. His primary occupation these days is the ongoing creation of a body of poetics.

 Why Did He Really Cross The Road?

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Michael Frissore:

Michael Frissore writes for online magazines Flak, Slurve and Up My Own Ass. His work has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Yankee Pot Roast, rumble, Literary Chaos, Hecale and elsewhere.

Amos Goes Grocery Shopping

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Kevin Bennett:

At the age of three, Kevin Bennett once caught a seagull by the wing in Seattle. He said: "Dad, can I catch that bird?"
His father said: "You go right ahead," and he did.
And when he caught the bird, it tried to bite him, and his parents went crazy with surprise, so they screamed at the young Bennett to let the animal go, but what with its trying to bite him, the child had begun to spin in a circle, letting centrifugal force keep the bird's mouth from his hand; and when they said let it go, he did!  Right into a telephone pole.
Thus far, Mr. Bennett's writing career has been very similar to this episode.

Baby Squirrel
The Incorrigible Pandas
Uplifting Profanity

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Roger Freed:

Yes, I am from Alaska. No, I don't know Sarah Palin personally. Yes, it is getting dark as hell already. Yes, it is already winter. No, I do not live in an igloo, but I do live in a cabin (A-frame). Yes, I am an available male. Greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Do Canadians Really Exist?
Deer Hunting Alaska Style
US Giving Away States Becaue Of Great National Debt
Our Governor Is Better Looking Than Your Governor
A Good Clean Fight
Jedi To Jetsons - The Watering Down Of The Force
Artwork You Don't Want Your Kids Doing For 'Show And Tell'
Bountiful Barbie's Big Birthday Blowout!
Special Hell For CEOs Created
Hawaiian Islands To Be Renamed "Bob Islands" In Keeping With White Man's Tradition
New Influx Of Cheap Chinese Junk Causes Homeland Security To Raise Danger Level To Orange
Texas Secedes From Us And Joins Mexico
Behind The Scenes At The Winter Olympics
I'm OK, You're OK - Maybe
U.S. Gastronomical Guide For The Traveling Zombie
Smart Peeple R The Caws Of The Wurld's Trubbles
A Lewd, Lascivious Look At Our Local Law Library
Famous Magazines Make Their Presidential Endorsements
Interview With Mr. Potato Head
The Ultimate Modern Humor Article
Due To The State Of Our Society, Thanksgiving Name To Be Changed To 'Selfish-Taking'
Astonauts Bitch About Having To Work On Christmas Eve
The Charge Of The Heavy Brigade
Trump's List Of Things To Do On His First Day In Office
Do It Yourself Future News Headlines
Living In Skagway, Alaska Means Wearing Extra Tuff Boots As Your Mian Footwear
American Comedy Saturday Night Live Pulls off The Biggest Hoax In History
Trump's New Books - A Boon To The World Of Literacy
Blond President Jokes
County Joe's 'Fixin' To Die Rag' From Woodstock Rebooted For Our Modern Iran Dilemma
The Vampire And The Vamp
Don't Feel Up To Carving And Cleaning Your Pumpkins This Halloween? Let Vegan Zombies Do It For You!
Thoughts For The New Year
Impeachment Defense Lawyer Jokes
Future Trump Tweets
China Makes New 'Amusement Park' Out Of Great Pacific Garbage Patch Trash

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Sharon Schafer:

My Name is Sharon Schafer.  I have been published numerous times on the internet, and once in hard copy.
I also won a short story contest, and placed in many others. I am currently working a book of short stories, and an anthology. I am also an editor.

My Every Desire

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Sam Mosley:

Live in Hartlepool (N E England). Spent my working life in the scaffold & insulation industry. For thirty years of that working period, I secretly churned out sitcoms, sketches, short humour and stuff. However, now that my youth has finally been traded in return for a short spell of freedom, I am quite openly chronologically filing away in strict order rejections 1 to 30. And yet strangely bubbly, about pending file, 31.  

It's A Living
The Collection
Play Mister For Me

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Carla Girtman:

Although Carla can’t give up her day job at a Florida international airport just yet, she hopes one day to make money as a writer. Meanwhile, her two cats insist they really are trying to help while she writes. You can find her work in Flashshot, Clockwise Cat, and Demonic Tome.

Heads Up

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Terry Sanville:

Terry Sanville lives in San Luis Obispo, California with his artist-poet wife (his in-house editor) and one fat cat (his in-house critic). He writes full time, producing short stories, essays, poems, an occasional play, and novels (that are hiding in his closet, awaiting editing).
Since 2005, his short stories have been accepted by more than 100 literary and commercial journals, magazines, and anthologies (both print and online) including the Houston Literary Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Delivered, and Lamport Court New Writings.
Terry is a retired urban planner and an accomplished jazz and blues guitarist – who once played with a symphony orchestra backing up jazz legend George Shearing.

Persona Non Grata

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Maranda Russell:

I live in Ohio where I have the exciting day job of credentialing doctors (in other words I get stuck doing all of their paperwork).
I have been published in quite a few literary magazines (both online and in print) but don't really make much money out of it. However, I did just sell a story recently for $50, so now everyone is asking for my autograph. However, I refuse to sign anything seeing as how I am illiterate.
Besides writing, I am obsessed with chocolate, crazy people, my cats and cereal.
My email address is and my portfolio is at http://Writing.Com/authors/muchafraid.   

Meet My Co-Workers
Don't Try Unless You Want To Die
The Greatest Loser
Hubert's Story

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Dave Price:

I have been writing for the independent press since 1996, and have had around 80 stories published so far (Not One of Us, Kimoto, Night Dreams, Midnight Street, Cambrensis, Enigmatic Tales, Nasty Piece of Work, Xenos; and on-line sites such as Niteblade, Whispers of Wickedness, Macabre Cadaver, Micro-Horror, and many others). Between 1997 and 1999 I was the editor of a small press magazine called 'Tales of the Grotesque & Arabesque', and in 2001 a collection of my short stories 'Evil Eye', was published by BJM Press Now Rainfall Books.

The Astral Cricket Match

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Barry Ergang:

Dubbed the "guru of groaners" by some fellow writers, Barry Ergang is the former Managing Editor of Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine ( and First Senior Editor of Mysterical-E ( Winner of the 2007 Derringer Award for Flash Fiction from the Short Mystery Fiction Society, his fiction, poetry and non-fiction have appeared in numerous publications, print and electronic.

Five Flash Fiction Pieces ............ The Lust Song Of J. Alfred Rudeshock ............  
Six Further Flash Fiction Pieces   The Rabbit    
Five Further Flash Fiction Pieces   Three Further Flash Fiction Groaners    
A Further Five Flash Fiction Pieces        
Stern(utative) Measures        
Limited Viewpoint        
Truth In Advertising        
Lyric For A Lady Lamenting Her Small Bosom or Mammae, How I Love Ya!!        
A Little Anti-institutional Venom        

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Bridget Becker:

I am a member of Ash Canyon Poets in Carson City, NV and previously published a short humor newspaper for two years called The Bar Flyer. 

Poet's Dilemma

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John Brooke:

John Brooke writes to surprise himself and his readers. He lives in a fishing village in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Nut Screws-Up And Bolts ............ A Royal Pain In The Ass ............  
Gift Of A Lifetime   Eye Of The Beholder    
Armageddon Rocks   Object Lesson    
Bummer   Cleaning-up In The Dirty Thirties    
Bang Bang   Slay Ride    
My Lady Friend   Flash Dancing With Words    
A Chairy Tale   Lost For Words    
Second Deadly Sin   Wrinkles    
Immaculate Deception   Sneakers    
Conversing With The Light   Your Attention Please    

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Phil Robertson:

I write because I can't watch television without irritating my family with stupid questions - and it's quieter than playing the drums.

Last Rites

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