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Writers' Showcase

Bo's Lament
by Mel Bosworth

"Leave them dogs 'lone," said Randy.

Darlene, his momma, tossed empty beer cans at the pooches, snapping her head back in toothless glee each time one hit. 

"Ain't both'rin them none, Randy," she mocked. "Go fetch momma 'nother tall boy."

Randy, long neck and sunken shoulders, scuffed into the house and fetched a tall boy. Stricken with thought at the crooked doorway, he stopped and popped the top. Darlene boomed from the yard, rocking in a lawn chair, Queen of the Tipsy Sea:

"Randy! Move that ass!  Dogs is sittin'!  Soon to be shittin'! Need my tall boy!" 

Swill in the bottom gave it heft. Darlene spilled out of her chair, hands a-spinning in the dust, scribbling an incoherent explanation of the sudden tinny thud that slapped her ear and then scattered. 

Randy spat through the doorway. Bo, one of his pups, howled, and Randy took it for a thank you.