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Alan Pinkett:

Alan Pinkett was born in Bromley, Kent and is now able to reveal his age.
He is educated to a Degree and this enabled him to qualify as a Chartered Civil Engineer. He specialised in water engineering and has spent a very happy career designing projects that involve spending millions of pounds of other people's money to provide water supplies and counter floods, drought and pollution. Marvellously, the job also enabled him to go off adventurin' around the country and around the world. But he likes it best here, now.
Must be the weather.
He is divorced, shares a house in Surrey with his brother and took up writing for the first time a few years ago. He finds he quite likes it and says he will do some more if you're not careful.

Alan's Books:

Utta Drivel (Entered for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize):
It would appear that Weeble WattleDaub lives in an ideal world: having slept through several centuries since the Roman era, he has evolved slowly, enabling him to acquire the skills and charm to find a girlfriend with a passion for sex, but no desire to get married, and build several successful business enterprises – from a computer company supplying the ideas behind Microsoft, to a nun-servicing industry. The parish has the prestigious seven-steepled, fourteen-trancepted church complete with dog-collar kennels, the Scouts have introduced a new breast-fondling badge, and Weeble’s businesses are enough to keep him busy and affluent. Indeed life in Great Piddle seems easy. However, all is not as it seems and the evil antics of Mori Arty, the indiscriminate rampaging of the paramilitary wing of the Ramblers’ Association and a little espionage and Skull Duggery pose a threat to the otherwise tranquil world of Weeble, Boothroyd and, of course, Utta Drivel...
" An audaciously satirical work in which the author’s wit will make you laugh out loud."

Currently unavailable in either paperback or eBook format.

Utta Drivel Too:
Utta Drivel Too describes the laughter-filled lives of friends Weeble, Boothroyd & Utta Drivel and their surreal comic adventures when their normal existence is periodically deflected by outside events. These include increasingly frequent attacks instigated by a man sworn to be Weeble’s enemy – a one-time Israeli landscape painter by the name of Mori Arty...
Another “audaciously satirical work in which the author’s wit will make you laugh out loud”.

Available as a paperback at Click Here.

Utta Drivel Free:
Utta Drivel Free is a comic novel that follows the life of Wilfric and his friends Boothroyd and Utta Drivel. Wilfric is 1600-odd years-old, a longevity that can make for some interesting takes on history. Meeting up with walking disaster Boothroyd and the wonderfully eccentric patriot Utta Drivel leads to much laughter. Their sparkling conversations cover many interesting ideas. Are 10 commandments enough to cover 7 deadly sins? Why were typists ever needed - you wouldn't get a monk to do your handwriting for you, after all... But laid-back entrepreneur Wilfric has managed to make enemies in mystical Glastonbury after setting up a business there. This upset the Glastonbury Underworld and they took out a contract on him. The friends' lives become interspersed with attacks from two incompetent New Age hippies - Loco Chanel, a militant aromatherapist, and her mad partner, Ossie the Osteopath.
An audaciously satirical work in which the author's wit will make you laugh out loud.

To obtain your free copy of Utta Drivel Free as an eBook visit the Utta Drivel Free website: Click Here.

Au So
The Backing Chatters
Litter Skitter
Body Talk
When Shadwell Met Shirley Bedworth

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Amit Parmessur:

I am from Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius. I managed my first ever writing at the age of 19, before joining the University of Mauritius where I completed my BA in English in 2005. As a writer, I was first published by UK’s Scoop The Loot. I have also been published along other young writers in local collections such as Shades & Shadows (June 2004) and Fiat Lux (August 2005). I am as well a member of the Silver Soul Literary Club, one of the most active literary organisations in Mauritius.
Read Amit's ezine,
Golden Apple.
Learn more about Amit at: Parmessur.

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Gwen Boswell:

Born in Birmingham, England and now living in Perth, Western Australia.
Works for local government and besides writing, enjoys sport.

School Scars from the '60s
You Too Can Become An Optimist!
Signs of Aging
Other Signs
Tips for a Healthy Life
When I'm Big...
Knock, Knock...
The Perils of Migration
Caviar and Crisp Sandwiches
Aussie Rules
Oysters, I Love 'em

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Celia Jones:

Born in Brooklyn, but living in Melbourne, Australia since 1972. Taught high school English, Drama and French until the effects of my Parkinson's precipitated my 'escape'. In retirement, I've written and had published several  personal articles on having Parkinson's Disease, travel experiences in Australia and overseas, my eccentric family and university days at Berkeley in the 1960's.

Welcome to Berkeley
Bitten on the Bum by the Absurd Drama Bug
The Slap

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Roberto Stampini:

The Great Stampini is an adventurer and explorer.  He speaks eight languages, seven of which he made up himself. He is currently looking for funding for expedition to prove that early man made the journey from Barkingside to Ilford before the advent of the 169 bus.  He may be contacted through this website or directly care of the Wetherspoon chain of pubs.

Work On This Site


Animations And Other Work On The Internet

A Woodman's Tale   See Roberto Stampini's section at Newgrounds:
Interview With Jesus On His Return    
A "Plectrum Thief" Special (Animation)    
Ain't No Sweet Man (Animation)    

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Robert Lynn:

Robert is a freelance writer and actor currently residing in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. His Christmas comedy play, The Regifters, won the 2005-2006 New American Comedy Festival.

For The Love of Meat

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Gilly Fraser:

Gilly Fraser was born in Scotland, but now lives in the north of England where she works as a Journalist for a small regional television station.
Her great passion in life is horses - and she still dearly loves the one which chucked her off and led her to discover the strange realities of life in a left-handed world!

Living in a Left-Handed World

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Apurba Dutta:

Like most writers, Indian writers in particular, Apurba loves to delve in emotions. Some of these are deep in nature, which get reflected in serious writings that seek to stir the soul, while there are others that attempt to penetrate the funny bone. He also loves to travel; hence travelogues are a logical outcome. However, the motive is always the same – try to tell something different in a different manner.
Apurba’s thoughts can be accessed at

If it is not red....
The Fair Game
A Narrow Escape

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Katy Darby:

Katy Darby was born in the Seventies. Hobbies include entering writing competitions and watching The A-Team.

Funny Peculiar
Horny Dentist
Cry me a River
Don't Give Me That Carp

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Larry Blazek:

I was born in Northern Indiana, but I moved to the southern part because the climate is more suited to cycling and the land is cheap. I have been publishing the magazine-format collage "OPOSSUM HOLLER TAROT" since 1983; I am coming out with an online version now that I have a computer, and I could use some submissions; will send the online version to anyone that requests it. I have been published in "THE ZONE","POETRY MISSLE",UNDINIAL SONGS',"MASQUE NOIR" and "LIME GREEN BULLDOZERS", among many others. Larry Blazek  5094n co rd 750 e  Orleans,IN 47452, 

Travelling the Low Pass

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Seth Brown:

Seth Brown is a writer who has a fondness for jolly old England, but lives in New England (in the United States) instead, because it's cheaper. He writes his award-winning weekly humor column, "The Pun Also Rises", for the North Adams Transcript, and has appeared in various publications from the Providence Journal to the USA Today. He is the author of three books, most recently Rhode Island Curiosities (Globe Pequot Press, 2007).

Currently, his projects involve a lot of rhyming. He has translated the entire Torah into rhyme, and raps about current events in a free weekly podcast. Links to all of this nonsense, as well as various other pieces of nonsense and a flattering caricature, are available online at

Going to the Bathroom Not Enough Fun
The Flea
Winter Greetings from my Inbox

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Rick Sherman:

Rick Sherman is a well published entertainment/travel writer who co-edited the New River Review. His screenplay, "My Grandfather's Scribe," was a finalist in Gloria International Film Festival, Salt Lake City (2005) and accepted into the Beverly Hills International Film Festival (2006). His plays have been stage read in Chicago and producsed in Indiana. A re-writer by necessity ("What I write in stone, I can rewrite"), he is also an educator and currently teaches word-wide students for the University of Phoenix and Miami-Dade College.
His Bio is in Who’s Who in America and he can be reached at

The Opera Stratosphere

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M. V. Patton:

M.V. Patton works with words in a variety of ways. She writes them (as a playwright, screenwriter and copywriter) and  she speaks them (as an actor). Visit where you can find out about her latest project, a short film she wrote, produced and directed called “Shooters. Get the Picture.” If you like her short play, ‘The A-B-Cs of Better Business,’ please drop her a line and let her know. If you write it in ‘A-B-C’ language, she might write you back.

The A-B-C's Of Better Business

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Mark Scheel:

Mark Scheel was born and raised on a farm in rural, east-central Kansas. After graduating from the University of Kansas in 1967, and spending a period "on the road," he served overseas with the American National Red Cross in Vietnam, Thailand, Germany and England. He later took graduate studies and taught at Emporia State University.
More recently he was an information specialist with the Johnson County Library in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, a member of the board of directors of Potpourri Publications Company and a volunteer prose editor on the staff of Kansas City Voices magazine. He now writes full time.
His stories, articles, essays and poems have appeared in numerous magazines, and he is coauthor of the book OF YOUTH AND THE RIVER: THE MISSISSIPPI ADVENTURE OF RAYMOND KURTZ, SR. His most recent book, A BACKWARD VIEW: STORIES AND POEMS, won the J. Donald Coffin Memorial Book Award from the Kansas Authors Club. Other selections from his writing can be found on
Poetry of Kansas, and the Humor and Life, in Particular Website.
Additional biographical information is available in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA and at

The Government Is Too Much With Us
Klepter's Backyard Imbroglio

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Mamta Murthy:

Writing is one of Mamta Murthy's primary passions. Currently based in Mumbai, India, she works by the day as a technical writer and dons the garb of a freelance writer whenever the muse for creative writing strikes her. Her works of fiction and feature articles have appeared in several leading national and international publications. Besides technology trends and writing, she is also passionate about photography and travel.

Pot Shots

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Mahesh Shantaram:

Mahesh is a travel and technology writer and photographer - Visit his website at:

Toe Good to be True

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Margie Culbertson:

I am a fifth–generation, Southern California, native. I am overeducated, underpaid, and always driving. I am told that my writing has graced the walls of the finest toilets in this country. Yet, I am a woman of mystery. My essays are usually penned in pseudonyms—in names of strangers from phone books (small strangers, big phone books.) 
In my life I have the distinction of actually surviving the raising of two teenagers. Doctors tell me that most of my hair will eventually grow back. The National Science Foundation pays all my bills as a token of their appreciation for everything I've done for them. Every Tuesday I reinvent the wheel, all of my spices are alphabetized, and I know where most of my socks are. I am starved for affection, a master at hopscotch, and I am wanted in five states. 
My web site the "Humor and Life, in Particular" web site has had the honor of sponsoring an amazing array of talent through its Humor Writing Contest since spring of 1997. We are very excited to announce that a brand new collection is being put together. It represents 11 years of talent! It will be available in the summer of 2009.

For further information visit: 

Fried Chicken, Cupcakes and Gossip (Can also be read at Margie's site)
Life in the Fast Aisle (Can also be read at Margie's site)
Buford (Can also be read at Margie's site)
Samuel (Can also be read at Margie's site)

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Dermot Glennon:

The tragic and untimely birth of Dermot Glennon in Downpatrick, Ireland in 1972 robbed the world of one of its best-loved person-shaped spaces. Since then he has been performing stand-up comedy and poetry around the North West of England. His poems, stories, novels and articles have been published by US and UK presses and he is co-author of the acclaimed Occam's Blunt Instrument (published by Flapjack Press). 

Dermot's Book - Karma Veranda - Click on image to order from Mucusart:

(picture of cover of 'Karma Veranda')Karma Veranda is a shocking collection of humorous, sarcastic and observational poetry by Irving and Glennon priced 3.50. It is available from:, Waterstones (Deansgate, Manchester and Camden Town, London), The Cornerhouse Cinema in Manchester, and The Book Loft in Warrington. Alternatively, you can order direct from the publisher (Mucusart) see

Please quote ISBN 0-95428216-7-5 if you can remember very long and seemingly random numbers.

Off the Busses
Anti-war poem
St Patrick's Night
The Wrath of God
A limerick
Dream. Bloody dream.
Gone Bananas

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Gargi Choudhury:

Gargi Choudhury is a published writer from India. She is a software engineer by profession, but a writer at heart. Despite the best efforts of her family and friends, she writes humor pieces in a determined effort to unite the two sides of her brain in cerebral harmony. Do check out her website at

Borrowed Time
The Inscrutable Boss
The Remoteness of Control

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R. Oren Walker, Jr.:

I am a physician who left practice to pursue a writing career. My works include technical medical writing and political commentary that currently appear on Associated Content and on either of my websites:

I have completed a novel (medical fiction), portions of four others with diverse themes, a collection of short stories and poetry, and several humourous articles and essays.

I can be contacted at:

I would welcome any commentary related to my work.

Estrogen Jammies

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R L Tilley:

Poetry published in scattered journals and anthologies since 1960s. Long career in NHS and Local Authorities. Third age now ... writing and walking the dog and listening to music and reading and travelling and generally just being ...
Visit Robin's blog - Gallery of Words - at:

Robin's book, Uncarved Block, is available from
The book contains a selection of poems, the subject matter of which ranges from love and remembrance to war, the natural world, and observational verse. Three examples of specimen prose - subjects: author appreciation, childhood remembrance, and impressions of New York City.

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Adam Powell:

Adam Powell was born in York and teaches History to teenagers. He loves to see their bright and eager faces when he talks about topics like Gladstone and the League of Nations - especially on a Monday morning. He used to be a civil servant but the excitement proved too great. He is married with a daughter.
His book, History's Worst: 2000 Years of Idiocy, can be downloaded from Amazon by clicking
or from Adam's website by clicking

The Name of the Pose
Infamous Last Words
History's Maddest Kings

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Dave Powell:

It's a great honour to add my home town, Birkenhead, to the international humour map. Often in the shaddow of nearby Liverpool,the town is well able to produce its own home grown humour. My day job requires me to fiddle about with gas turbines (jet engines) and is always a source of giddy humour.

Final Rinse
Sweets for My Sweet
Good Manners
A Very Gallant Gentleman

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Ken Simm:

I am a teacher, artist, photographer, writer and all round Renaissance fellow, not necessarily in that order. I am old enough to know better but too old to care and my motto is usually 'Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.' Or it could be 'Never teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.' Or then again 'before you judge a man walk a mile in his shoes, then if you still don't like him, at least you are a mile away and you have his shoes'. again not necessarily in that order.

Why? I often wonder
Oh, Just Some Things
Our Stan, Doris and Bike Ride
Mi Mam & The Curate
I hate the word Lol

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Pavelle Wesser:

Pavelle Wesser’s writing has appeared in various online publications, including Bewildering Stories and Flash Shot. Her interests include travelling, cooking, reading, writing fiction and taking care of her dogs.  When she is not engaged in the aforementioned activities, she can be found teaching English at various universities. 

English as a Second Language
Who Knows

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Dr Bob and the Wild Boys:

(picture of Dr Bob and the Wild Boys)

Band Website:
Band Members: Dr Bob himself on mandolin and banjo. Woody Jones singin' and guitar and Kid Lightnin' (Stevie P) guitar an' singin'.
Record Label: Dr Bob and the Wild Boys.

Hear Dr Bob and the Wild Boys at:

Contact Dr Bob and the Wild Boys at:

The Story of Dr Bob and the Wild Boys - Includes 'Wildboys' Lament' (Song)

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Graham Burchell:

Graham Burchell - Author/poet : Chester and the Green Pig : Chester and the Green Pig Blog : Words-Myth - A Quarterly Poetry Journal : Graham at Poetry PF : Published Authors

Graham Burchell was born in 1950 in Canterbury, England. He is the winner of various poetry prizes, and he was highly commended in the Momaya Press Short-Story Competition 2005 - with the theme of humour that year. He has two poetry collections published and three children's novels. "Tripe in the Marsh, his first adult novel, is being strongly considered by a British publisher. He is also the editor of the online poetry journal, Words-Myth, voted online poetry magazine of 2007 by Poetry Kit. Having lived all over the world for the whole of this century, including four years in Houston, Texas, he has returned to settle in Devon.

From: Tripe in the Marsh

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Dennis Langlois:

Dennis Langlois is from Wiggins, MS-USA.

What a Mess

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Charlie Ross:

Charlie Ross was born in Burton on Trent in the early 60s and still lives in the English Midlands.

Something Fishy
Weigh In Day
Demon Parrot

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Lisa Workman:

Lisa Workman was born in a non-exciting place in Ohio. From there, she went to a small college in a non-exciting place in West Virginia. She has done big things in small places, but this lack of excitement has led to a pure appreciation of all things humorous. Lisa will go to great lengths to make any situation a comedy, and she believes this is a beautiful thing. Sarcasm, randomness, deadpan, and weird are her humor writing specialties. If you Google her, she is not the children's book illustrator.

Chicken on a Toothpick

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Michael A. Kechula:

Michael A. Kechula's flash and micro-fiction tales have appeared in 157 magazines and 56 anthologies in 8 countries. He's won 20 writing contests: 1st prize in 12, and 2nd prize in 8 others. 5 collections of his stories have been published as e-Books and paperbacks:

-  The Area 51 Option and 70 More Speculative Fiction Tales
-  A Full Deck of Zombies
-  Martians, Monsters, and Pepperoni Pizza - 100 Speculative Fiction Tales
-  I Never Kissed Judy Garland and Other Tales of Romance
-  Revenge Day and Other Tales of Crime and Espionage
  (Will be published in August 2015)

In addtion, he's written 2 self-study books that teach how to write flash and micro-fiction, Both are available as ebooks and paperbacks:

-  Writing Genre Flash Fiction the Minimalist Way - A Self-Study Book
-  Micro Fiction:  Writing 100-Word Stories (Drabbles) for Magazines and Contests

To read a free story or chapter in any of the above books, go to the publisher's site: Obtain the eBook versions from the same publisher.  Obtain paperback versions from your favorite bookstore or from

Charlie's Amazing Bathing Suit ............ Saving Whales ............ Tasty Snacks ............ The Wager
Precious Cargo   Remedy For Depression   Genocidal Bastards   Hit And Run
Table Dancers   An Amazing Evening   Transformations   Let's Trade
A Dollar A Head   A Pleasant Surprise   Missed Appointment   Vengeance
Sguigglies   Important Announcement   Career Choices   A Can Of Pepsi
A Money Maker   The Contract   A Wonderful Bird   Puppy Island
A Miracle Product   Misinterpretation   Crazy Joey   The Ruby Idol
A Stupendous Scientific Discovery   Good House Pets   A Coffin Is A Wondrous Thing   A Quick Trip
A Vital Question   A Thorough Explanation   Incredible News   Bizarre Behavior
A Good Education Pays Off   Beyond Belief   The Inaugural Ball   Tell You What I'm Gonna Do
The Novella   The Gold Button   Big Con Artist   Hedonist For A Day
Freebies   Jelly Donuts   The Complainer   Grand Entrance
Grand Opening   Hot Chow   Next    

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Patricia Harrington:

Patricia Harrington writes mysteries and recasts fairy tales for fun and pleasure. Her amateur sleuth series features Bridget O'Hern in Death Stalks the Khmer and Death Comes Too Soon. Her flash fiction, "A Secondhand Shoe," won a Derringer Award from the Short Mystery Fiction Society. The author's website is 

Some Things Never Really Change

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Jim Harrington:

Jim Harrington discovered flash fiction in 2007, and he’s read, written, studied, and agonized over the form since. His recent stories have appeared in A Twist of Noir, Mysterical-E,Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers, Weirdyear, MicroHorror, Flashshot and others. Jim's Six Questions For blog ( provides editors and publishers a place to “tell it like it is.”
Also see: and Facebook--

Time Flies
Hail to the Chief

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William J. Brazill:

William J. Brazill lives in the US on the banks of the Potomac River near Washington, DC, where he writes fiction and watches the water flow by. 


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Linda Courtland:

Linda Courtland lives and writes in Los Angeles. A panel of judges from Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Random House and Reuters chose one of her short stories for publication in the 2008 Momaya Annual Review, and she was invited to read her tale about white tigers at San Francisco's 2008 Soul-Making Literary Prize Awards, which was videotaped as part of a two-hour special.
Linda won second place in WOW! + W.W. Norton's winter 2008 flash fiction contest, judged by literary agent, Kristin Nelson, and her flash fiction appears in the 2008 Ultra-Short edition of The Binnacle, in the 2008 anthology, Six Sentences, Volume 1, and in numerous online publications.
Contact her at:

Zero Tolerance
Somewhere to Turn

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Carol Townsend:

I am 52 years old and live in Surrey, in the sunny South East of England. I enjoyed writing when I was at school back in the twentieth century but never fulfilled my English teacher's dream of my becoming a journalist; joining the Civil Service instead, which is guaranteed to squash creativity.
I  recently joined an Internet forum and re-discovered my love of writing quite by chance, and now dream of one day meeting the approval of a publisher willing to pay me for my work.
Everything I write is based on my own experiences in life, as I lack the imagination to write fiction!
I have published a book called 'Caribbean Capers and Tropical Tantrums'. See it at::

How To Go Fishing
British Tits

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Catherine Trizzino:

Catherine Trizzino lives in Maryland. She loves writing fiction and has a special affinity for short fiction. In addition to Short Humour, her stories can be found in Boston Literary Magazine, Pen Pricks, Flash Shot, and in upcoming editions of Apollo's Lyre, Alien Skin Magazine and The Shine Journal.

Mrs. Jibble's Class
These Jeans
A Good Thing

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Janine Bouyssounouse:

Janine is enjoying her life as a writer. See her educational resources at Her books of flash fiction can be found on

Five Flash Fiction Pieces
Another Five Flash Fiction Stories

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Julie Ann Shapiro:

Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, novelist, short story author, Pushcart Nominee. Julie's novel, Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries, is published by Published Short Stories/Essays have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune, North County Times, Los Angeles Journal, Pindeldyboz, Sacred Waters/Fire: (Adams Media 2005), Story South, Word Riot, Opium Magazine, Insolent Rudder, Cezzane’s Carrots, Mad Hatters Review, Ghoti Magazine, Spoiled Ink, Void, Elimae, Footsteps to Oxford, Salome, Skive, The 2nd Hand, Millennium Shift, Mega Era Magazine, Science Fiction and Fantasy World, Green Tricycle, Long Story Short, Storyglossia, Static Movement, Bewildering Times, Somewhat,  Uber, Moon Dance, The Quarterly Staple, Journal of Modern Post, Rumble, Long Story Short, Cellar Door Magazine (Spring and Summer Issues 2005), Edifice Wrecked, Espresso Fiction, Flash Fiction – Coffee Cup Series Issue I & II, Red, Neon, Steel Moon Publishing, Every Day Fiction, ISM Quarterly and other magazines.

Senor P and the Socks

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R. S. Pyne:

Fiction by R. S. Pyne has appeared in various publications including Albedo One, Delivered, Neo-opsis, Star Stepping Anthology, Pen Cambria, Crimson Highway, Midnight Horror, Orphan Leaf Review, Peccary, Apollo’s Lyre, New Myths and Mytholog.

Violent Habits

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Kathy A. Fisher:

Kathy A. Fisher is a native Texan who loathes C&W music, cowboy hats and boots. Her final request will be for her ashes to be placed in the gas tank of her ex-husband's most expensive vehicle.


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Jerry Schatz:

Some of Jerry's stories and such have been in Apollo's Lyre, The Green Tricycle, Smokelong Quarterly, FlashShot, Quiction Online, Laughter Loaf, and Muse Apprentice Guild, and he's won a couple of humor writing contests.
An interview he conducted with horror genre author Michael Arnzen appears as an appendix to Arnzen's flash fiction book 100 JOLTS. Jerry and his wife live in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with no cats, dogs, or goldfish. Two grown sons choose to live in other states.

Osmo's Bells

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John Young:

John’s writing has appeared in The Chiron Review; Edifice Wrecked; Flashquake; FlashShot; Heavy Glow; Laughter Loaf; Lit Bits; Lunarosity; Micro Horror; Mytholog; The Pedestal Magazine; Shine, the Journal; Susurrus; and Versal.
His most recent published work appears in the HeavyGlow Anthology.
He writes the monthly featured market column for Pamelyn Casto’s Flash Fiction Flash.
Visit John's website at

The Strapping Kind

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Christopher Woods and Jeff Crouch:

Christopher Woods and Jeff Crouch work collaboratively. The visuals are by Jeff Crouch, an artist from Grand Prairie, Texas. The words are by Christopher Woods, a writer from Houston. About this collaboration Christopher Woods says, “I work collaboratively with Jeff Crouch. Sometimes I write in response to one of Jeff’s images. Other times, he comes up with an image that somehow interprets the text, whether poem or story or play. Because we are individual artists, we each see our own way. The result, the mesh of image and text, is intriguing, and often surprising, to me.

Help Move My Things
Part-Time Executioner Position Available
Prom Season Request

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Bill West:

Bill West lives in Shropshire, England. He is a member of the Shrewsbury Scribblers Writers’ Group and of a number of on-line Writers’ Communities.
His work has appeared in The Drabbler, AntipodeanSF, Twisted Tongue, Every Day Fiction, Boston Literary Magazine, FlashQuake, Right Hand Pointing, Heavy Glow and other places.
See his website at

Wheel of God
Rings of Saturn
Size Isn't Everything
Free Wally
Bad Timing
Twist and Twine

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Joan Pinto:

Joan Pinto is a Mumbai-based freelance writer who likes to study the colours in people, blows bubbles with her niece, sips chai, hums off-key, wanders through graveyards.
Her work has appeared in The CS Monitor, Boston. The Saint of Lost Things, in First Proof 3, An Anthology of New Writing (Penguin). How Rifka Made Things Right in Favourite Stories For Girls (Puffin). Her Flash fiction, The Wretched and the Loved  is on Long Story Short, The Scent of Sawdust on

The Bright Side

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Avis Hickman-Gibb:

Avis Hickman-Gibb, lives in Suffolk, England with her husband, one son and two cats. She gained a BSc. in Environmental Chemistry more years ago than she cares to admit, and worked in the fledgling computer industry whilst still a babe-in-arms.
She’s had stories published in Every Day Fiction, Twisted Tongue, PygmyGiant, BackhandStories, Boston Literary Magazine, Short Humour, The Ranfurly Review StaticMovement, Microhorror, Bewildering Stories & The Shine Journal. To date.
She’s currently working on a book of short stories and a novel but is addicted to writing flash fiction.
If you want to read more of her writing, you can find links at:

Drizzled Hope
The Shape Of Things To Come
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
Home Town Advantage

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Oonah V Joslin:

Oonah V Joslin is currently Poetry Editor at The Linnet's Wings and she writes poetry and short fiction. You can catch up with her and her work at Parallel Oonahverse

Trap ............ Te-choco-logically Speaking ............   ............  
Faith, Charity and Hope   The Customer's Always Right        
A Brief Encounter   365 Degrees of Christmas        
Feminine Persuits   Naked Flame        
Pit Stop   Fit for a Queen        
Survival of the Slowest   Extreme Weather        
The Gospel According to...   Saints Alive        
Living Proof            
I wanna be loved by you            
You All Know the Songs            

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Shawn Underwood:

Shawn enjoys writing about daily events, family adventures, vacations and travel, her three well-behaved children and her favorite subject, her husband. She lived in France with her family for a year in 2001-2002 and her misadventures of speaking the language and day-to-day living in a foreign country are legendary. All of her stories are absolutely true with no embellishments, additives or preservatives. It is Shawn’s hope, after reading her stories, that you realize you don’t suffer the misfortunes of your spouse’s or children’s bad behavior on your own.

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