Utta Drivel Free
Alan Pinkett

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Utta Drivel Free is a comic novel that follows the life of Wilfric and his friends Boothroyd and Utta Drivel.

Wilfric is 1600-odd years-old, a longevity that can make for some interesting takes on history. Meeting up with walking disaster Boothroyd and the wonderfully eccentric patriot Utta Drivel leads to much laughter.

Their sparkling conversations cover many interesting ideas. Will health & safety men stop once they’ve got us to put handrails on the White Cliffs of Dover? Are 10 commandments enough to cover 7 deadly sins? Why were typists ever needed – you wouldn’t get a monk to do your handwriting for you, after all…

They meet a member of a centuries-old homosexual family, they adventure in Cuba & Istanbul and go skiing - their Annual Plummeting Holiday.

But laid-back entrepreneur Wilfric has managed to make enemies in mystical Glastonbury after setting up a business there. This upset the Glastonbury Underworld and they took out a contract on him. The friends’ lives become interspersed with attacks from two incompetent New Age hippies - Loco Chanel, a militant aromatherapist, and her mad partner, Ossie the Osteopath..

An audaciously satirical work in which the author’s wit will make you laugh out loud.

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The Author:

Alan Pinkett was born in Bromley, Kent, England and is now able to reveal his age.

He is educated to a Degree and this enabled him to qualify as a Chartered Civil Engineer. He specialised in water engineering and has spent a very happy career designing projects that involve spending millions of pounds of other people’s money to provide water supplies and counter floods, drought and pollution. Marvellously, the job also enabled him to go off adventurin’ around the country and around the world. But he likes it best here, now.

Must be the weather.

He is divorced, shares a house in Surrey with his brother and took up writing for the first time a few years ago. He finds he quite likes it and says he will do some more if you’re not careful.


Previous Novels by Alan Pinkett:

Utta Drivel, published in 2002 and entered for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize
Utta Drivel Too,
published in 2008


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