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Writers' Showcase

Second Deadly Sin
by John Brooke

We know. All his readers know. Smiley Pierre is a depraved best selling author. His predilection landed him a highly rated Television Show. Seeing him perform, or reading one of his books, is guaranteed to send shivers up any blasť spine! 

He loves: beheading, hammering, sniping, cutting, slashing, stuffing, flaying, and eviscerating.

Laughs and cracks jokes: handling brains, stomachs, thyroids, intestines, livers, hearts, testicles and kidneys. 

Picture Pierre, grinning as he beats, whips, chops, shreds, slices, dices, grinds, boils, grills, trusses, and butchers.

Depraved Smiley Pierre ‘Chef, Gordon Bleu!’ Caters to ‘Cook Book’ gluttony.