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The Pumpkin Man
by Daryl Baldwin

‘Little buggars. Serves ‘em right.’

‘What’s that Ray?’

‘Says here in the paper that police are looking for a man in a black suit wearing a pumpkin mask who chased kids with an axe last night.’

‘Why’s that Ray?’

‘Halloween weren’t it. Trick or treaters probably. Little buggars. They shoulda been in bed or doing their homework or something.’

‘Did they come here Ray?’

‘No. I’d tell ‘em to piss off anyway.’

‘You can’t say that Ray.’

‘Bloody well can. Little buggars,’ said Ray lighting another cigarette.

‘So what else does it say Ray?’

‘Police are urging young children not to approach anyone wearing a black suit and pumpkin mask. They said he is armed with an axe and considered dangerous. Any information regarding ‘The Pumpkin Man’ should be reported immediately to the local police or Crimestoppers Hotline. Last night, at 8.30pm, a man waving an axe, chased three children, threatening to kill them. Two boys aged 10 and 11, and one girl aged 11 were badly shaken after the incident. The children told police they were behaving responsibly and had not provoked anyone. They stayed away from old peoples homes and only knocked on doors where there were visible signs of people celebrating Halloween. Then the axe man jumped out from a hedge and chased them around several streets. Witnesses reported that ‘The Pumpkin Man’ was waving an axe threatening to kill the ‘little buggars’ if he caught them. Police are urging children to be extra vigilant this evening.’

Ray folded the paper and drank the rest of the beer. Crumpling the empty can he vacated the room. ‘Just nipping down the bookies love. See ya later.’

‘Okay Ray.’

Jean picked up the paper and had another look at the story. She chuckled to herself as Ray slammed the front door. ‘The Pumpkin Man. What will they think of next.’

Jean went upstairs and burrowed her way to the back of the wardrobe. Opening the black box she hid in the shopping bag under her shoes, she pulled out the black suit and mask. ‘If they come here tonight I’ll kill the little buggars.’