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Wishing Well
by Casey Quinn

Understanding the uselessness of the belief, I did it anyway. I tossed my last coin into the random well I stumbled upon during my journey not expecting my run of bad luck to come to an end.

I mean, how could it? Some magical wishing well turns my coin into good luck? Nonsense!

As everyone already knows, bad things come in threes and I have only had two. What are the two you wonder? My car broke down on this deserted highway and as I started to walk in the direction of the last town I passed, it started to rain.

I count that as one and two. I can only wonder what the triple kick in the nuts will be to round out the hat trick and deliver the terrible number three.

Forgetting for a second why I did it, the important thing you need to know is that it was done. Walking back for help, I discovered a well and figured what the heck! I tossed my last coin, a quarter, in the well hoping to be spared the last leg of the triple bad luck run. Wet and annoyed, I had nothing to lose I figured.

Once tossed in the well, I looked left, I looked right. I looked up and then down at the darkness of the well.

Nothing happened.

No magical turn of events would save me from this situation.

But then it happened! Out of the corner of my eye I saw it! I saw the savior of my miserable afternoon. Down the road about a quarter of a mile was a pay phone.

Running over to it as fast as I could I forget about the rain, forgot about my car and knew the curse of the three was about to be broken all thanks to that random wishing well.

And then it hit me.

The well. My last quarter. Damn!

The third kick in the nuts had been delivered!