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Your Attention Please
by John Brooke

As their key note speaker, I thought this is the damnedest Testimonial Event I had ever attended.

The Chairperson, some woman, I can’t recall her name, attempted to introduce me, she couldn’t remember my name either. For god’s sake what an insult. Well, I wasn’t able to think of hers, so I guess we’re were even.

Now the subject I proposed to deliver, it sort of slipped out of my mind at the time. What did I intend to be talking about anyway? Something to do with memory work, or possibly recitation.

In frustration, I queried the members, “Did you see that sunset on Sunday?”

Nobody listened to me anyhow. These people couldn’t sit still for more than 5 seconds. “I’ll try to describe the beauty to you. “What am I describing anyway?” I said.

An incredibly distracting audience, fidgeting, playing with their silverware. “Give me your opinions on the medical marijuana situation in California?  Will you stay still for a moment? Pay attention — damn it!”

Maybe they served Food and booze. Other speakers spoke, I believe, but they didn’t say anything remotely memorable.

The event, The 10th. maybe the 13th. Annual Testimonial Dinner for the founder of this society. Not one member present could recall the founding guys name.

“By the way, what is the name of The Society I’m addressing?”