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Putting It Off
by James Thomas

Today I’m going to write my short story.
I’ve been putting it off but today’s the day.
First, I’m going to have a coffee.
Have a coffee and then settle down to write.

No milk.
Go and get milk then.

I’ll go and get milk from the corner shop then come back and write my story.
Ah….walking to the corner shop I’ll have to walk past the Bricklayers Arms and I mostly have a pint there on a Monday lunchtime, so, today being Monday, and lunchtime then I’d better call in.
But if I call in, have a pint and then go to the shop for milk I’ll have to walk past the pub again on the way home – which could be a problem (i.e. another pint).
No, I’ll steal myself on the way to the shop and bravely walk past the pub and only call in there for the one pint on the way back from the pub.
That’s it, I’ll sit in the garden – it’s a beautiful day – have a coffee, read a few pages of Bill Bryson, then write my short.
No, best not get reading my book or I’ll never start writing. I’ll buy a paper from the shop and have a flick through that with my coffee instead.
To be honest, looking at it, the lawn really does need cutting. I should do it today, its my day off work (writing day as I call it) and its probably going to rain tomorrow, so I really should cut it today.

That’s the plan then.

Go to the corner shop and buy a paper and milk.
Call at the Bricklayers Arms for one pint.
Have a coffee – no cut the grass first.
Cut the grass.
Have a (well-earned) coffee and read of the paper.
Then…write my short story.
But by then the kids will be home from school.
I can’t write with the kids about – no peace and quiet.

Well next Monday then.