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Gift Of A Lifetime
by John Brooke

With horror and distress we watched, mouths open, as the ambulance with lights flashing, sirens blaring screeched to stop in front of our rooming house. It had come in a rush for the recently deceased Horace Hartz, our tenant.

The paramedic apologized for the commotion and explained that a worthy recipient awaited the organ that Horace had donated. He stood there jawing, as the attendants wheeled Horace into the ambulance. Quickly they jumped in and roared off as noisily as they had arrived.

I wasn't able to get a word in edgewise with that fast talking paramedic. I tried to tell him about Horace but he was too busy talking to hear.

He should have read Horace’s Organ Donor Card more carefully. I’d love see his face as he discovered that Horace’s donated organ was the same Mighty Wurlitzer that he had played in the old Sheas Theater accompanying the silent movies until he retired.