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About To Crash
by Christopher Silva

The gear was stuck or at least it seemed that way, not that I would know,  I've never flown one of these C-82-B's before. Careening around a bend and almost knocking the tail off a 42-N, I started to get nervous. The pay-pilot had slumped over dead and I, well, kicked him aside and took over helm as one says. On the way to the market and a damned disaster.

At a hundred and four I am a bit old for such things. My pulse was banging. I felt very excited and a bit worried about my heart. BULLARR!, a horn, Damn, almost hit the 66, jeez, this is not easy. I flew in low and then out and still couldn't gain control. I might just end it in flames!

GOT-TO-GET-CONTROL, uuhhhggg - ok, leveling off now, GRR, I think I can land this baby - ummph. Thank god for the steroids and the new hip. Yes, got her now -  Botox just kicked in.

I see the strip and the curb and bring her in fast. Perspiration from the struggle beading down my chest. With a wrench and a twist I manage to set her down with a loud CLANG! Oh god, I feel exhausted!


"Grandma, Grandma, stop fiddling around with your wheel chair and come to the cash register right this minute, we haven't got all day!"

I smile and without a word roll my chair slowly forward to the register.