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My Max
by Glanda Widger

When I first got Max..he was cute and cuddly. I ran right out and spent a fortune on a little dog bed and tons of toys and teething rings( he was just three months old you understand.) I spent another fortune at the vet to make sure he was happy and healthy just like all doggies should be.

Half Boston Terrier and half Boxer, he was just perfect.( Boxers are big, did you know that?) Soon Max began to grow. The doggie bed was too small within six weeks. Did I mention he ate it? Eventually all the toys went the way of the bed. I bought a bigger bed. He ate that too. I bought guaranteed ..indestructible toys. Yeah right!... I had him fixed ( The right thing to do, but it ticked him off royally). I resolved to be a good mommie. No biting, no sleeping in my bed, well trained to be a good dog.....I bought him yet a bigger bed.

He sleeps in my bed. I have no idea when that happened. I bought ME a bigger bed. Max sleeps crossways. I need an even bigger bed . Max grew and grew and grew. Now my lap dog, who still walks on the back of the sofa...can stand up and pluck delicacies off the kitchen counter. Steaks, cookies, a whole turkey.

He bites!!!But only me and only in fun! Fun? He does not know his own strength apparently.

Max is also afraid of his own shadow. He is after all ,still a baby at ten months old. He will growl and bark just like good doggies who are guarding their property ...unless you approach him or stamp your foot..then he hides behind my skirt and peeks around to see if the big bad person has gone away.

I think Max is not through growing. He sort of resembles , at sixty pounds, a Boston Terrier on steroids. But he is so cute and sweet( some of the time) and one little ear stands up and one flops down in the most adorable way. He drools on my leg during dinner and he can look at you so soulfully when you scold him. He does not like hugs. I hug,he bites.

His favorite game is "Take it away from me"....this is a somewhat frustrating game from my viewpoint. He comes up to me , lays his head on my knee and chews in a manner that would make you cringe if the person sitting next to you ate like that. When I turn to him, he sticks out his tongue to show me what he has ,then speeds off. The idea here is that I must chase him until I either pass out from exhaustion or trap him in a corner and delve into his rather droopy jaws to retrieve whatever he has .

I love Max! Did I mention he is growing? I think I need a bigger house!