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Writers' Showcase

Puck and the Game of Amour
A 'Trimerick'
by Rumjhum Biswas

Oberon's jester, that little demon, that Puck
Into the deepest fog let poor mortals run amok!
Lysander, Demetrius and Helena too
were victims of Pucks naughty switcheroo
So if you ain't careful, you could well have the same bad luck!

Beware fellow mortals of dark forested nights
where the dancing damsels are mere tricks of lights
Nothing more than a play of Puck's love rite
Games played by that shrewd and knavish sprite
Just take care, coz you could never dare his mischievous might!

Brothers, sisters, friends and foes! Be forewarned, when it's spring!
Beware that Puck! He plays fast in the midst of your slumbering. 
Within dreams and without Puck's follies gather
in all kinds of unaccustomed and uncanny weather
Hark now! Strange love ain't always a midsummer night's fling!