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Dog Walk Interrupted
by Carol A. Cole

"Samson! Come back," Kristen yelled as her dog raced into the darkened cemetery near her home. She found him digging into the dirt of a new grave. Snapping his leash on his collar she tried to pull him away. He continued digging and Kristen heard faint banging.

As Samson dug deeper, the banging grew louder. "My God, it’s coming from the grave." She opened her cell and punched in 911. No signal. "We have to get help." Samson wouldn’t budge. Kristen dropped his leash and ran toward the street. She turned back at a loud yelp from Samson.

A man stood over the cowering dog. The open casket was empty. "W..who are you?" Kristen stammered reaching for the leash.

"I am Jakob. I thank your friend for saving me." He smiled revealing two fangs. I was buried falsely. How can I repay you?"

Kristen backed away; Samson moving behind her. "No thanks needed. We need to leave now."

"But my dear, we’ve just met. I can show you an eternity of happiness." Jakob grinned. "You do know that I’m a vampire."

"You’re crazy. Vampires aren’t real."

"But of course we are." A woman’s voice startled Kristen.

She spun around to find five figures in black behind her. Samson growled at the newcomers.

"We wish to thank you for helping Jakob. We were unable to find him. There’s no phone coverage in this damn cemetery." The woman’s fangs glistened in the moonlight when she spoke. "You may now choose which of us to reward you."

The others encircled Kristen and Samson. One of the men bowed.

He’s sorta cute. Kristen thought. "But what about Samson? I can’t just leave him."

"I’d like a pet," the cute one said.

The woman nodded. "Why not, Pavel. I like dogs too." She bent to Samson’s neck as Pavel embraced Kristen. "Welcome to our family."

"I don’t think so." Kristen slithered out of Pavel’s grasp, flipping him over her shoulder. "Get her Samson!"

The woman screamed when Samson bit her arm. Blood dripped from his mouth.

Kristen quickly dropped the others, including Jakob; with the throws she’d learned in her Judo class. Grabbing Samson’s leash, Kristen ran out of the cemetery.