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Delo White:

Delo White works professionally as a librarian for the Rosenberg Library in Galveston, Texas. On the side he writes bizarre humor or humour.

The Man Who Ate Himself

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Paul Perroni:

Actor. Humorist. Lives in Los Angeles.

Lady of the Evening
Leave it Behind, Baby
Nothing Could Touch Him

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Melodie Corrigall:

Melodie Corrigall is an eclectic Canadian writer whose work has appeared in Litro UK, Foliate Oak, Toasted Cheese, Emerald Bolts, Earthen Lamp Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, Corner Bar, Short Humour Site and The Write Place at the Write Time.
Visit her website at:

Do or Die
For the Cause
The Wrong Box
Table Man
Lucky 13
A Shipboard Romance

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Marian Brooks:

Marian Brooks is recently retired and has just begun to write some short fiction. She lives in Pennsylvania, US with her husband. Her work has appeared in Curly Red Stories, Thickjam, Post Card Shorts and Fifty Word Stories. 

Call Me Big Gram
The Yolk's on You
What are the Odds?
Sock it to Me

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Tom Luddecke:

Tom Luddecke has been writing humor for what seems to be ages now, but mostly for friends and a few enemies. When he ran with the dwindling herd of the employed, He taught science to young, inattentive minds. Now, being retired, his mind is free to run around and bump into things. His work has appeared in The Humor Press, The Hartford Courant, The Short Humour Site, Postcard Shorts and disappeared from many more.

An Introverted Life
Annabel Hastings

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Pamela J. Forsythe:

Pamela J. Forsythe is a writer and communications consultant in Philadelphia.

Don't Look Back - Something Is Sure To Be Gaining On You
Lost In The Economic Landscape

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Anisa Irwin:

Anisa Irwin is the creator and co-owner of Writer's and Reader's She has multiple publications in online e-zines such as Ascent Aspirations, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Long Story Short, and The Short Humour Site. Anisa also has stories in the horror anthology, Midnight Abyss. She is an animal-loving, zombie fanatic who loves to read, write and interact with people.

From a Slumber, I Awake

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Richard Bready:

Richard Bready is a retired editor of dictionaries and encyclopedias. 

I Read A Blog Today, Oh Boy

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M. V. Montgomery:

M.V. Montgomery is a writer who lives in the Atlanta area. 

The Comedian's Notebooks


Other Pieces

The Comedian's Notebook ............ Won't You Come Home, Mitch Hedberg?
The Comedian's Notebook II   Word Problems
The Comedian's Notebook IlI   Our Family Annals
The Comedian's Notebook IV   Bonny Mots
The Comedian's Notebook V   Memorable Characters
The Comedian's Notebook VI   Three Stories With Morals
The Comedian's Notebook VII   Absurdia
The Comedian's Notebook VIII   Two Rants
The Comedian's Notebook IX   Very Fine Arts
The Comedian's Notebook X   The Wiki Dream Interpreter
The Comedian's Notebook XI   Notes To Self
The Comedian's Notebook XII   Notes To Self 2

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Sam Morris:

Sam Morris is a 28 year old fishmonger and occasional short story writer living in Nottingham, UK.

Nine Pigs

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Cliff Duncan:

Cliff Duncan is a freelance writer living in Florida.

If I May Speak Freely

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Jay Duret:

Jay Duret is a San Francisco based humor writer. Some of his stories are collected at
To contact him, including with offers of book contracts, email

Commuting With Gerda

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Tod Connor:

Tod Connor lives with his wife in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. He has published fiction, non-fiction and commercial music. His work has appeared in various publications, including Talon Magazine, Ohio Views, Raphael’s Village, Apropos Literary Journal, and Christianity Today.
Tod has just finished his first novel, Tulpas.

In The Swamp
Getting Turned On In The Ozarks
Small Town Suicide
Preacher Man

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Art Wright:

Art Wright of New Jersey USA, is a part-time musician and songwriter with the bands 68AD and The GBU. Examples of his often witty and sarcastic works can be found elsewhere online if you look hard enough.

You Have Been Cautioned

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Kristina England:

Kristina England resides in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her writing is published or forthcoming in Extract(s), Gargoyle, The Story Shack, Haibun Today, Streetcake, and other journals.
Visit for more on her writing.

"Bottom-up" Logic
As Honest As The Day Is Short
At A Loss For Words
A Different Perspective
Of Unwanted Roots
Food for Thought
The Best Kind Of Zombie
Held Captive
The Goldfish

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Andrea Della Monica:

Andrea Della Monica is a Brooklyn-based journalist, public relations writer and content provider for many publications.
Her work has appeared in several online journals, including and Crunchable, and her children's book, Molly Flannigan: The Spunky Leprechaun, is available for sale as an e-book on Amazon and She also has provided content for on writing techniques.
Email her at

Confessions of an Honest Liar

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George Sparling:

George Sparling graduated from a small liberal arts college in 1965. He has been a welfare caseworker, a bookstore clerk, a dishwasher, a VISTA worker in the Baltimore City Jail, a Dungeness crab butcher and salmon processor. He worked on a gold claim in the northern California wilderness, working on a scuba diving crew. He came up empty so moved to the north coast and lived in small rooms. “Being alone is to train for death,” as Louis-Ferdinand Celine writes.
Death inhabits his fiction. Disequilibrium, fractured relationships, he finds compelling. He has been published in many literary magazines including, Rattle, Chiron Review, Crack the Spine, Downer Magazine, Zygote in my Coffee, Thieves Jargon, Underground Voices, Slow Trains, Unlikely Stories, nthposition, Word Riot and Linguistic Erosion.
Visit his blog at:

You See Why I Couldn't Stand Her and Puked My Guts Out Or, Who Needs Excessive Introspection
The Jockey Fetish
Call Me Georgette
Maggie's Slapstick Panic Routine
Word of Mouth
Bewitched, Provoked and Bewildered
Losing It In Paris
The Saboteur

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Linda Barber:

Linda Barber is a former English teacher and realtor from the mountains of East Tennessee. She has published stories in Halfway Down the Stairs and The Philadelphia Review of Books.
She is currently writing her first novel, loosely based on her world famous tiger-taming great aunt, Mabel Stark.

War of the Dishwashers
How to Throw Away $1000 in Sixty Seconds

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Joe Malone:

Joe Malone lives in South Sudan where there is nothing to do but write.
Visit Joe's blog at:

The Tragedy of Baby Chen
Woman Spots Mold on New Tampon

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Biswajit Banerji:

Biswajit Banerji is humorous and satirical by default and interested in all liberal arts. He has published poems in e-zines and several literary journals. He works in a Steel Plant in Bokaro steel city, India. That he has to work for making a living remains the greatest disappointment of his life.

The Right to Put Things in Disorder

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Mike Epifani:

Mike Epifani is a writer, editor, comic, and blogger from Syracuse, NY. He currently lives in Chicago pursuing his dream of becoming a wordsmith. 

What is Love?
Beep Beep Stop Beep

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Richard Harker:

Richard Harker works in a big town in Zhuanglang, China. He loves writing a lot. He also prefers to make friends with anyone who is fond of his short stories.

It Was Love That Changed Hum

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Ian Hutson:

My name is Ian Hutson. I don't know why, it just always has been. I was abandoned by both of my parents immediately after conception and I was raised by wild sheep, although I am a man cub. Medically, I have one kidney on the left and also another one on the right. Because I am very old this means that I pee a lot and sometimes smell of man-wee. When I type I use seven of my nine hand-fingers and the English Human language. It's mostly blathering nonsense and stuff. I have never yet been convicted of murder, assault or even serious stalking. I have a congenitally small site at but so far I've only found it on the interwebbing. Some day I hope to work hard, cheat Death and become a bronzed Roman god.

English Super-Hero Number Seven: Dropped Ice-Cream Man
Guide Cats for the Blind - The Launch
Suicide - The Risky "Reginald Perrin" Manoeuvre

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Susan Joy Clark:

Susan Joy Clark is a local newspaper reporter in Northern New Jersey in the United States who is working on her first comedy mystery novella, Action Men with Silly Putty.

"The Dating Game" for Three Fictional Heroes

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Roger Pattison:

Roger Pattison was born humanoid (not Mondays). Educated in Barrow, passed out later on the allotment. Politically motivated (he has a fast motor-bike to escape canvassing political types). Believer of all statements not emanating from somebody wearing a paper flower shouting down a megaphone.
Normal. No, really.  

The Patient Patient ............ The Dick Big Detective Agency ............  
The Second Fastest Gun in the West   A Trip Round the In-Continent    
Philosophers' Corner   Cooking for Cretins    
Epic Tales of Lower Haversack   How to be a Jim-Nast    
Epic Tales of Lower Haversack - Epic Tale Number 2 - The Bells        
Admiralty Starship 'Beppo'        
The Philosophy of Shouting        
The Busker        
The Cyclist        
Further Education        

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Isaac Blum:

Isaac Blum holds a BA in English, Magna Cum Laude, from Tufts University, and is currently completing his MFA in Fiction at Rutgers University, Camden. His stories and essays have appeared in the New York Times, the Baltimore Reviewthe Oklahoma Review, Poetica Magazine, West Trade Review, YARN, and the Humor Times, among others.
He can be found online at

Congratulations On Your New Diagnosis
(Greeting Cards For People With Mental Health Problems)

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Kate Stone:

Congratulations On Your New Diagnosis
(Greeting Cards For People With Mental Health Problems)

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Joseph Scholes:

Joseph Scholes. Student. Aspiring Humourist. Part-time 'underwhelmist'. 


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Tom Patton:

Tom Patton is a medical technician who would rather be a Koala, for obvious reasons (see Koala Noir, below). His work can be found in the submission boxes of editors worldwide.

Koala Noir

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Trevor Roe:

Trevor Roe is originally from Florissant, MO but has spent most of his life in Foristell, MO. He obtained his Masters in Fine Arts - Writing degree at Lindenwood in June 2014.
He currently lives in Wentzville, MO.

January 7, 2013 - 8:28 P.M.

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Sylvester Lewis:

Sylvester Lewis is happily retired, lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves long walks on the beach, au natural,  with his four Afghans, while he sings Puccini arias to the moon accompanying himself on his Zither.  :-)  

The Parade
The Gutting
"Oh, Lydia the Tattooed Lady..."
"...She Am A Spunky Gal..."

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Tegon Maus:

Tegon Maus writes:

'Dearheart, my wife of forty three years and I live in Cherry Valley, a little town of 8,200 in Southern California. In that time, I've built a successful remodeling /contracting business. But that's just my day job... everyone that writes, everyone who tells you how to write, all say the same thing... Write about what you know and what I know is me.
Well, at least the me I see when I write... a protagonist frequently wedged between a rock and a hard place but manages to work things out at the last minute after all.
Like most of us when pushed into a corner it only brings out the best in us and we become the unstoppable force of a reluctant hero. If I have a signature style for creating a character then this is it.'

Find out more about Tegon at:

Three Seconds
A Day in the Life
Count William

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Hu Zhi:

Hu Zhi writes:

'I am Hu zhi. I work in a small High School in the Northwest of China. I love English a lot. I would like more people to read my stories.'

Money Lost, Money Gained

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Chris Storn:

Chris is new to writing having become tired of communicating solely in the form of dance and origami.
He is a man. Except in the presence of spiders.
Chris lives with his 200lb St Bernard, wife and children; in that order. Together, they live happily on a small island, with water around it, inhabited by people: The UK.
Although Chris works for the government of that small island, he also finds time to enjoy his life and has numerous hobbies such as blinking, getting dressed every morning and trying to make people smile.

Career Change
The Label Collector

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Phil Temples:

Phil Temples lives in Watertown, Massachusetts, and works as a computer systems administrator at an area university.
He has published over one hundred and seventy works of short fiction in print and in online journals.
Blue Mustang Press published Phil's full-length murder-mystery novel, The Winship Affair.
His paranormal-horror novel, Helltown Chronicles, was published in 2015.

Rewind ............ Woman's Intuition ............ Precocious ........... Vengeance
The DTs   "Harmless Prank"   The Final Solution    
Over Think The Plumbing   Anywhere   Divide By Zero    
On-Line Affair   Cosmic Joke   Groceries    
"A Damned Lie"   Vegetarian Fate   Lemur Trouble    
"MM-MU"   "RTFM"   Cream Puff    
Bird Job   Moo   Dull-Witted    
"The Leo Cravitz Incident"   QRM   Namesake    
Vengeance   Rose Garden   Ancient Chinese Remedy    
Skyfall   Prose Interruptus   Selfie Bear    

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David Smith:

David Smith works in Gansu Province, China. He loves the English Language, and has been writing short stories in English for many years.

The Best Way To Stop Her Husband Loving Another Lady

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Judith Bradfield:

Judith Bradfield was a midwife, is arty and likes to write sometimes.

The Job Application

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Gen Wang:

Gen Wang is a middle-aged teacher in Gansu, China. He majors in English literature.

My Lover Will Never Return

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Xi Yang:

Xi Yang works as an English teacher in The New Vision English School in China, and prefers to write in English to improve skills in the language.

The Price Can't Tell

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Xin Kong:

Xin Kong lives in China and has been working as an English teacher for 34 years.

The Sun Stll Hangs Above The Icy Surface

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Trenton Dietz:

Trenton Dietz is a law student who lives with his wife in Texas.

We're Going to Need a Bigger Snorkel
The Heart and Sole of the Matter (Rim Shot, Please)
The Bright Eyes Aren't Bright and the Bushy Tail Got Caught in a Weed Whacker

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Clive Aaron Gill:

Clive Aaron Gill’s short stories have appeared in Pens on Fire, Every Day Fiction, Short Humour, espresso stories,  Postcard Shorts, The Screech Owl, Wilderness House Literary Review, Gravel Literary Journal, Shark Reef literary magazine, Larks Fiction Magazine and in 6 Tales magazine.
Clive has worked as a salesperson, mediator, farm hand, information technology manager and school bus driver. Born in Zimbabwe, he has lived and worked in Southern Africa, North America and Europe. He received a degree in Economics from University of California, Los Angeles and lives in San Diego. 
Books written by Clive are available at:

Mistaken Identity
An Admirable Way

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Bill Naylor:

Despite the planet’s rapid decline, and the rising cost of rum, ex TV comedy script writer Bill Naylor has chosen to remain on earth. Residing with his wife in Lincolnshire, England. Here he writes comedy, amongst other things, which keeps him at the level of poverty to which he has become accustomed. More humour can be found in his book, Misadventures of a Zoo Keeper, available from Lulu and Amazon.

Who's Been Eating My Yamato Nishikikis?
Christmas Crime Scene At Ken's Shed
It's Raining Tortoises
On The Road With Springsteen

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Bart Van Goethem:

Bart Van Goethem. Father. Copywriter. Drummer. Author of the self-published and sold out Life's too short for long stories, a collection of micro-fiction (2012). Over 40 one sentence stories have been published in print and online. As well as 3 flash-fiction stories.
Follow him

Now That's Short Humour! - Vol. 1

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Janice Canerdy:

Janice Canerdy is a retired high-school English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi. Her poems have appeared in The Lyric, The Southern Poetry Association Anthology(s), Bitterroot, The Road Not Taken, The Mississippi Poetry Society Journal(s), Lucid Rhythms, Encore, Victorian Violet, The Short Humour site, Cyclamens and Swords, Parody, The Atomic Comic, The Artistic Muse, and Every Day Poems: A Poem a Day.
She is inspired to write by life in general and her grandchildren in particular.

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom, II

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Con Chapman:

Con Chapman is the author of two novels, most recently Making Partner, and The Year of the Gerbil, about the 1978 Red Sox-Yankees pennant race.
His humor has appeared in The Atlantic,, The Christian Science Monitor, Barron’s and The Boston Globe Magazine, among other print publications.
He is the author of over 40 e-books of humor available on 

From Osama Bin Laden's Laptop ............ The Ulysses S. Grant/JWoww Tweets ............  
Richard Nixon On Acid   Che vs. Fidel: A Mulligan for the Maximum Leader    
Mike Tyson, Undisputed Champ Of Bloomsbury   On Deciding Not to Be a Bitch    
Laura Bush, Rastafarian   They're All Bleepin' Poet, Jack    
Julia Child, Secret Agent Chef   Luring the Recluse    
Me and Anne Frank, Like Best Friends Forever!   The Housekeeping Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay    
Soccer Moms of Sparta   The Cats of Spring    
Mick 'n Me: The Keith Richards Children's Book        
With Emily Dickinson, as Walt Whitman Walks in the Bar        
Lament for Fluorescent Cats        

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Walter Bowne:

Walter Bowne from Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a writer of humor, creative nonfiction, essays, and literary fiction. He enjoys taking commas out and placing them back in again.

Eastside High Spring Music Program
New Jersey Man, 45, Declares Intention For The 2018 U.S. Men's Soccer Team
The Lament of a Trophy Husband

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Graham Cunningham:

Graham Cunningham is a writer, mainly of political essays plus occasional poems. He grew up in Norfolk.

Potter Heigham Bridge
What's A Mystery
You Blew Smoke Into Our Eyes

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John Blumenthal:

John Blumenthal is the author of three novels including Three and a Half Virgins, which was a Finalist, International Book Awards, Literary Fiction.
He writes for The Huffington Post.

Needs a Rewrite: Great Authors' First Draft Revisions
A Few Questions for My British Friends
The Worst Travel Guide Ever
My Slightly Eccentric Bucket List
New Wordsworth Poems Discovered!

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Hal Holt:

Hal Holt is a Semi-retired International HRD  consultant from Canada.

Lifetime Supply of Deodorant

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