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Writers' Showcase

Food for Thought
by Kristina England

Carlos sat on a butternut squash.  

"Young man, what do you have underneath yourself?" asked his grandmother.


The old woman shook her head as she continued to peel potatoes. She looked over at the pot roast, glanced back at Carlos.

"You think hiding the vegetables means you don't have to eat them? Well, let me tell you something, honey. If you don't give me back that squash right now, I'm going to make you a vegetarian. That's right.  No more red meat, pork, turkey or chicken. And I bet you think I couldn't live without them, but I could. I've been alive long enough to know what it is to starve."

Carlos sighed and unearthed the squash.



"Why you always got to bring the Depression into it?"

"Cause I can. That's why."