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The Ulysses S. Grant/JWoww Tweets
by Con Chapman

Reality TV star JWoww of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” named Ulysses S. Grant #1 on her list “P.I.L.F.S (Presidents I’d Like to Fuck).”

Daily Caller

@usgrant Hey general just want to let u no UR #1 on my list of dead prezs 2 fuck. Saw u on a $50 bill and heard you like to party hard! Yers til Atlanta burns.

@jwoww I know only two tunes; one of them is Yankee Doodle, the other isn’t.

@usgrant Okay I can work wid dat. We can go someplace without a dj. I heard U R an alcoholic!

@jwoww Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization.

@usgrant Heavy stuff! But I heard when they told Lincoln u drank 2 much he said to send the other generals a case of the stuff U use!

@jwoww Everyone has his superstitions.

@usgrant Tru dat! I wont go into any club that wont pay me a $35,000 appearance fee–it’s bad luck!

@jwoww Let us have peace

@usgrant I didn’t even no we were fighting!

@jwoww I think I am a verb instead of a personal pronoun.

@usgrant I M with U on that one. I like to keep busy and not spend all day sitting around with Tan Lift Laundry Pronoun meatheads!

@jwoww My heart kept getting higher and higher until it felt to me as though it was in my throat

@usgrant Wow–that is so sweet. I bet that is how Lindsey Lohan feels when she has dry heaves LOL!

@jwoww I am not aware of ever having used a profane expletive in my life.

@usgrant F***in A!

All U.S. Grant quotes guaranteed verbatim.