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Writers' Showcase

The Best Kind Of Zombie
by Kristina England

Stephanie let Jason gnaw on her flesh.

It wasn’t painful. He had no teeth. 

She eyed the freezer and thought, Sure, there are better ways.

Jason lifted his head and looked at her.

Then he gave another good warning as he dove back towards her arm with an “Arr...”

She laughed and egged him on.

“No!  No!  Oh no!  Don’t eat my arm!  Not my arm!”

Jason chortled as he smacked his mouth against her skin and began to suck on it, saliva running down his chin.

Her husband walked into the room and shook his head.

“You want a cold teether from the fridge?”

“Nah, we’re both having a great time playing ‘Zombie Baby'! Right little man?”

Jason cooed from below.

Her husband sighed.

"You need to teach him appropriate ways to act."

"He's six months old."

"It's never too early to start."

"Okay, I'll teach him to act like my dad."

"Your dad is the most boring man alive..."


"Point taken."