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Writers' Showcase

Held Captive
by Kristina England

Nora glanced out of the crate, letting out a cry for help. The car she was in was going 60 miles an hour. The driver was neurotic. He often fell asleep on her couch, slept in her bed, and disappeared for hours to put in "a good day at work."

But she loved him none the less.

With the exception of today.

Once a year, the scoundrel stuck her in a crate and made cooing noises as he steered through rush hour traffic ignoring her continuous cries.

Then... Then he handed her over to a lady he called "The Vet" for poking, prodding, and a needle or two.

Once The Vet was done, he smiled and said, "See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Nora scowled.

Clearly, the man was a moron. But a moron with access to food and that... that was the most clever moron of all.