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Writers' Showcase

Now That's Short Humour! - Vol. 1
by Bart Van Goethem

The End of Peeping Tom

"Hm," the doctor mumbled, "looks like an eye infection."


The Small Book of Self-Deprecation

"I suck."


The Secret Life of Henry VIII



Memoirs of an Uninteresting Man


The Day of the Empty Newspapers

"How are we going to report on this giant ink scarcity, John?"

"I don't know, Jack, I don't now."


The Pavement Killer

"Three kilos of bananas, please."


The Gay Yeti

"Is it true? Did you catch the Yeti?"

"Yes, indeed, I did."

"Can I see him? Where is he?

"Getting a manicure."


The Empty Agenda

"How about using some cologne," his mother suggested gently.


The Teachings of Lao Chow, the Bitchy Zen Master

"One is always free to make one's own mistakes - but don't come crying back to me when things don't work out."


Socrates. The Difficult Early Years

"You must question everything."

"Oh yeah?"


The Man Who Was Entirely Made Out of Guilt

"Sorry, my fault."


The Biographer Who Hated His Subject

"On the 21st of July 1972, the rotten bastard was born."


The Art of Procrasti


Murphy's Law



The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner

"I get lonely really quickly."


The Lethargic Poet

"One line, is that it?"


My Life as an Art Critic, 1984-1996

"It's all a load of bollocks, actually."


Bears with Wings

"Now there's one more thing you need to know," the Park Ranger said.