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The Price Can't Tell
by Xi Yang

Just after lunch, David was about to take a nap when there was a knock on the door. Looking through the cat’s eye, he saw a strange man in uniform standing outside. “Hello! But I am sorry I don’t know you!” he shouted as he opened the door.

“Hello!” the man replied. “I am from the local Broadcasting and TV Station. It is said that you don’t have a good TV signal here. Our head told me to fix a better TV Symbol Amplifier on your TV set.”

Hardly had David opened the door, when the man came in. He walked directly towards the TV set. He quickly took an amplifier out his bag and fixed it on the TV. Then he turned to David. “In order for you to enjoy the TV programmes, our head ordered us to fix all the amplifiers in two days. You know, it is no easy job. Besides, this time it is very cheap; we just charge you the cost: twenty pounds each.”

“Excuse me, but is it possible to not have it fixed?” David put in. “We had our TV amplifier changed only three months ago.”

“It doesn’t work well though, does it?” he said persuasively. “That is why I have come again.”

“It is nice of you, but I am worried that this one won’t work well either,” David went on. “Could I not have it fixed this time?”

“No!” the man replied angrily. “No excuse should be given, for it is a universal order.”

David had no choice but to pay him the money.

Just before dinner, while reading the evening paper, David sat down in his arm chair. At the very moment, there came a sweet voice at the door: “Good evening, sir. I will help fix an amplifier for you.”

“Thanks, but we have already had an amplifier fixed on our TV set,” David replied.

“Oh, dear, that was a scam. Was it a man? ”

“Yes, a man of about thirty-five,” David responded.

“I am very sorry, sir. It is our fault, for he has cheated so many people,” the voice explained, “but fortunately, this afternoon, the police have arrested him. They have made it known to the public that the amplifiers he fixes do not work so well as ours.”

Her words encouraged David to open the door.

“Thanks a lot.” She smiled at him, with an amplifier in her hand. “Look, this is our new product. It is of best quality: carefully made and it has life long.”

“What does it cost?” David tried to test if this was also a scam.

“Oh, it will cost you forty pounds. If you don’t believe me, please call our office to make sure of it,” she said.

David hesitated for a while. One is half as expensive as the other. Just as the saying goes, no cheap things are good. So her product is better. Ok, I will take hers to change for his, thought David to himself. “Ok. I will take it,” David said.

And to his great regret, a few days later, when David looked through the evening paper, he noticed that the man and the lady, husband and wife, were both cheats, who had been caught in a residence in the town.